Monday, 31 October 2011


I am here just lacking in energy to post.

Right, a quick catch up.

mostly crap with a dashing of below average and a generous dollop of fed upness.
Occupational therapy on Wednesday to check existing splints, sort new ones, check any other aids for the house I need and look at a new walking stick.

The consultant wants me to start on Enbrel as well as the methotrexate (which will be injected into my tum, how nice) asap as things are not improving as hoped. I have stopped the amitriptyline(sp) and the hydrochloroquine tablets to see if they were causing the awful nightmares - so far so good, still many dreams but not horrific ones and I think the bloating is easing a bit too. Fingers crossed.

my beloved piggy became ill recently, I was really worried as guinea pigs tend to go downhill rapidly (not literally. Then again he is so fat he probably would roll downhill rather quickly) and after a recommendation for an excellent vet in Leeds it seemed he had a bit of twig or something stuck in his throat. Since that was removed he has gained 3 oz, and is definitely perking back up and getting back to his usual greedy, noisy, lovely self. Long may it last.

am almost almost finished with a very special test knit for one of my very favourite knitwear designers, once that is out of the way I have  LONG list of things to finish off. I seem to have done a lot of knitting this year with very little to show for it, so must get buttons sewn on, sleeves sewn in, things blocked and photos taken.

Sewing wise, I have some rather nice new things to launch - one is already on Artfire but I am toying with setting up my own little site to avoid the selling fees. I am rather proud of this though - KiT, Knitting in Transit, the idea being that pretty mjuch anything and everything a knitter could need is close at hand. Here's the one currently listed:

which opens up to have pockets galore - it comes with ALL of this
Like it?
In my Artfire shop at the moment and several more to come this week - some bright cheerful patterns, a lovely linen one with blue and white shepherds and sheep, a bit of all sorts.

Also the FREE pattern for these wrist warmers will be finished this week all being well.

I am almost finished with a scarf and matching mitts, pattern also to come but that will take a little longer to write up. Any recommendations for pattern writing tools online would be enormously welcome, especially for charts and / or cables, thank you in advance.

I am also working on some rather nice knitter's Christmas cards and some decorations, all to come soon - will include them on here as they go into the shop just in case any of you faithful readers are interested!

Hope all are well x

oh, by the way - if someone could check that my new shop site works so far that would be great! Nothing to actually buy on it yet as I am adding things slowly, but is the layout ok?
thesulkycat  Thanks.


Stitched Together said...

The KiT looks like a great idea. Every knitter should have one.

I looks like you have been crafting like a maniac. I need to steal some of your motivation, mine seems to have vanished lately. I have given myself a boot up the backside by taking on a test knit, so hopefully that will get my crafting juices going again and make me finish my flipping shawl pattern! I want to get it done, but I just can't seem to open the file and start work again. I knew I should have typed it all up before I finished knitting. Once I have a shawl, I can't be bothered with the pattern anymore.

Tasha said...

The website looks great. Links lead where they should. But there is an evil lurking at the bottom of each page. What is with that?


sulkycat said...

thanks both of you x

tash, i darent scroll down all the way because of the evil! and cant get rid of it - kerri is going to see if she can do something about it


Miss Julep said...

Love your work!