Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Social Pariah Part 1

Things that make me a social pariah:

I don't drink tea or coffee.
I had no idea what TOWIE was and guessed it might be a band.
I have never seen nor ever want to see an episode of TOWIE or the Chelsea / Geordie equivalent. Ever.
I have zero interest in the life and loves of Cheryl Cole.
I do not watch X Factor.
I do not watch Strictly Come Dancing.
I do not buy a newspaper, ever.
I do however watch Jeremy Vile, as it is a good reminder that however rough it gets my life isn't actually all that bad ;-)
I think those fish foot spa thingies are vile - cruel for the fish and who on earth wants to put their feet in water a total stranger has been using, Eeeeeew!
I do not watch Downton Abbey.
I cannot see why Kate Middleton is classed as a fashion icon. To me she dresses in a dull, safe manner and is beginning to look like a lollipop head - EAT SOMETHING.
I never wear jeans.
I hate custard with a vengeance. And rice pudding, and mushy peas. And butterflies.
I know the full dance routine for Reach for the Stars.
I have never been able to walk in high heels.

Somehow I suspect this list will grow and grow ....


Susie said...

I've started watching TOWIE but I do it at dead of night in secret. It's terrible and you are quite correct.

lilac73 said...

Hmmm....I could join you in most of those, I do drink tea and coffee and I do like custard (but only on bananas), mushy peas and rice pudding. I wear jeans too but don't watch Jeremy Vine. The rest of your list....I was sat here saying to myself "yep, agree, yep"

Tishkette said...

Either your post is a list of how isolated and/or ignorant I am or it is an example of how, despite gloabalisation, there are still lots of differences between countries. Let's all vote for #2, shall we?

Because seriously, other than custard, peas, and the butterflies, I have no clue what you are talking about.