Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bloomin' marvellous dahling!

Not me personally, of course not (hell it wouldn't be as much fun if it was - er - fun). But it could be worse.

I received the 'yes we believe you are ill here have some dosh' letter from the DLA - TWO DAYS after they received the last of the mega forms from me! It isn't a vast amount but it will certainly be a huge help towards taxi expenses etc. Very mixed emotions to see I am classed officially as disabled in black and white ...
I still feel extremely self conscious with my stick, and often wonder how the hell this all happened! I don't do the 'why me, why me' thing because there is no point whatsoever in that mind set - but I have deffo been very moody and hacked off with it all lately.

Frustrating sums it all up pretty well, damned frustrating.

But yes, the DLA assessment is a relief - plus they have set it for two years before it needs reviewing which is a big bonus, the forms are soul destroying (must be horrendous having to fill them in for a child).

And the teeny tiny garden is chockablock with (mostly pink) pretties. Rain rain rain - very special drought this one.

The hydrangea is gorgeous.

Plus of course I love these when they start to die and dry, still bootiful.

My less than orderly salad / veg boxes make me smile - I got very excited to find that the coriander LOOKS LIKE CORIANDER! The poor basil needs thinning and replanting as it being squished by the lettuce and baby spinach, both of which have loved the rain / humid / sun combo. I really want a bigger garden one day, not huge because I wouldn't be able to manage it but big enough for a larger raised veggie patch. Bliss.

But for now I get a massive amount of pleasure from my little garden and the bird table.

Inside there is slightly bizzare flowering going on - my christmas cactus which never flowers in winter has decided to bloom for about the third time this year:
I like a happily bonkers plant!

Knitting / crafting wise, I have finished the back and almost finished one front of the Daisy cardi - I am almost convinced that if I knit really really fast I won't run out of wool.
And do not tell me I am the only knitter who thinks this makes perfect sense!

Tis a luvverly knit so far, I hate the splittiness of the Cathay but love how it looks.

IF ANYONE, ANYWHERE, HAS ANY BLACK DEBBIE BLISS CATHAY I COULD BUY FROM THEM PLEEEEEASE SHOUT OUT!!! Just in case the , er, knitting fast thing doesn't quite work out.
Thank you.

I have bought wool with the remains of my life's savings. Ice Yarns were having one of their irresistable sales so I stocked up - I resisted most as one day when I have a bit of spare cash I can buy it, but am delighted with what I did get.

For anyone new to the whole Ice world of delights, it is deffo of the 'not top end, not often natural, not often posh' type of yarn - they DO do luxury wools though.
They deliver from Turkey, tracked every step of the way and put Royal Mail to shame as they usually deliver within 36hours. Highly recommend.

The Ice above is some very nice black mohair with tiny beads in,. I really love this; the grey mix which I expected to be a bit iffy but is surprisingly lovely and the scary pink with ittybitty sequins in, which is as far removed from natural fibres as anything could be. Love.
All three packs plus delivery came to just under £20.

The cones are from Colourmart - the deeper pink I am unsure of and might sell, the pale pink silk I love. The huge pack is a £10 bargain, chunky oily wool to knit Kez a ski type cardi. Wool, luvverly stuff.

Not much else to report really - life is sloooooow but relatively OK. And I have a holiday to look forward to! Huzzah!

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the mega mini heatwave when it comes, and be well.


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Anonymous said...

I had to go to tribunal to get my DLA and cried when they told me I'd got it - just because it felt good that they'd actually acknowledged that life was so shit at times. I'm so sorry that you need it, but so pleased that they've awarded it to you without you needing to appeal etc.