Monday, 13 June 2011


Today's post is brought to you by the colour pink!
It wasn't intentional but when I was uploading my piccies there is definitely a bias to the land of pink.

As usual I lost a few days to the dreaded meths (to anyone new to this blog that's methotrexate ;-)  ), I thought I got away with it on Saturday but by Sunday midday I felt seriously lousy and very sick. The prolonged insanity of the Canadian Grand Prix suited my mood though - hours watching the rain fall, brilliant. How good a race was it in the end, far too much excitement!

Today is a bit grim, I didn't sleep much because of the pain in my poor chubby tootsies, my foot cannot even stand the weight of my microwave heat thingies today and now my wrist and knee have decided to play too.

The DLA malarky went as well as it could go I think - the Dr was humanish. I don't know how much they can argue with the medical facts they have from both hospitals and my gp, also the rather impressive bag of medication I had to talk him through - anyway, it's out of my hands now until I hear the verdict. They did authorise my taxi fare and paid for my return taxi home so that was nice.


Mum treated me to a hair dye on Friday so I took the girls out.
Erm. Not LITERALLY. My girls stayed firmly under wraps for which mercy I am sure everyone was grateful.
But girls of the penguin variety went with me.
And when nobody was looking (I hope) they took turns playing at being hairdressers.

My hair is a slightly redder version of Daphne's feathers so she is feeling rather smug (poor deluded soul thinks I am copying her, ha), Daf says she would be a brilliant hair stylist and could make me look 'almost human!'
I told her she would get her eyebrow feathers permed if she didn't behave.
Where Daphne leads Lizzy is never far behind.

Lizzy thinks nail art is more her thing.
Better than Daffers and waxing methinks .....

The teeny tiny garden continues to make me smile, even on a manky grey wet day like today (did I nod off on the settee and wake up in November?).

I am thrilled to bits that the hydrangea is looking good!

I seem to have, thankfully, got some of my crafty mojo back. Sewiung wise nothing more exciting than turning up some trousers to fit my stumpy little legs, but the bag I am making up as I go is growing (and I am chuffed to bits with it).

I wanted visible green seaming, and have no idea (and very little patience) about 'correct' ways to do it so I just ran double crochet along the seams - I like the raised edge this gives, even though there is definitely a 'right and wrong' side to the ridge.
But for me, yes this works well.
I am planning to fold this section round to become a front and back side (not backside) to the bag and have started playing with the rest of the front:

I still find the Rowan Handknit Cotton very easy on my hands (possibly wont get anymore done today as my wrist isn't enjoying this typing) - I have all the many other bits and bobs for the bag so I might get it finished in the next week or so.

My daughter's best friend from school had a beautiful baby girl yesterday (how old does that make me feel, I remember when they skived off together and were both caught out - her mum and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at their inept naughtiness!). I am going to line this little jacket and maybe add a zip, I know new mums tend to be inundated with newborn clothing so I hope this will be useful in a couple of months.

Lousy photo - it's a very soft green which my mum says is vile! Ha!
And I am also playing about with a design of the non-subtle variety for a baby jacket / cardigan, and actually KNITTING IT instead of thinking about it.

This is a sleeve, and I rather like it so far.
More than anything it simply feels so good to have been able to get some knitting / crafting done.

I appear to be trendy.
(insert snort of laughter here)
I spotted this in the most recent Millie Makes, which I still think is a fine and dandy little magazine.
Guess who bought this fabbo book when it came out?

Creative Walls, lovely book.
I hope everyone is well - best wishes,
Sulky the Trendsetter.


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Great pink pics:o) I love your bag. That would look great as a throw too. Now you've got me thinking...... . c x (caroline j but blogger insists I am a pair of teddies, sorry,lol)

sulkycat said...

a pair of teddies is utterly brilliant and gave me the giggles!

Barbara said...

The grany hexagon is fab!