Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday is Tizzwazzzzzzzzzzzzzz Day!

Nope, I didn't watch it. But hey ho.
Happy Weekend to one and all, hope the sun is shining for you.

Bits and bobs and stuff and nonsense to report - nothing of any major interest so feel free to nod off anytime.

I have plans to do some spinning this weekend - yes, this weekend. Weekends being when I am usually dizzy, queasy, hot, fed up and exhausted. Sounds like a good time to do some spinning to me! And some dyeing.
I have had some gorgeous pink and black (there's a surprise) spinny goodness delivered this morning and I love it - not sure I will do justice to it as I haven't used my wheel in maybe a year or more, but as my hands are okish this morning I will give it a go - am hoping the relatively gentle foot movement might help my poor toes. And if not then I stop.

So this and this
plus the fabulously mad punky batt made by lovely tatty might one day become - er - a cardi. Cannot have too many cardis.
I am also planning to dye up some wool for some secret knitting, again I haven't played with my dyes for a couple of years (where on earth does the time go???) but as I couldn't find the sort of wool I wanted then I thought have a go at dyeing it. So by Monday I should have mulitcoloured hands and floof all over the carpet.

I also need to dye my hair .... stocked up on various shades of pink yesterday.

What else?
Spotted the ultra wonderful Cyndi Lauper on telly yesterday and was mesmerised by the hair (wig) and makeup - I think she's ace! Teeny tiny woman with a big attitude and a huge voice, love her. How to age with no cares at all.

I have recommendations of assorted goodness. Fell free to completely ignore them, but they are really pretty good.
Every now and again I get the headsup that the fabtastic 'Try me Week' is on at hairsupermarket - top brands at £3 each for the week. So I did the decent thing and stocked up - PINK packaging is an bonus. I have used this company several times (only way I can afford to have plenty of decent products) and every time they are excellent - speedy tracked delivery, wellpackaged etc. For £3 a product well worth a look.
I have the urge for a fairly radical hair cut - not sure whether to fight it or go for it. My hair grows really quickly (makes up for the rest of me being stumpy) so I suppose if I hate it, it will grow soon. I am thinking of trying rebel pinup in Leeds and hope they will make me feel less frumpy and old. Hmmmm....

I also highly recommend - for the liquid eye liner lovers out there - the Graffiti eyeliner pen from eyeko. I usually use a black eyeliner in a pot from MAC, have done for a few years now and thought it was the best thing ever. But the Eyeko one is cheap (around a fiver) and superb - very easy to apply, doesn't smudge and gives a very sharp line - chuffed to bits with it! I also LOVE their double blusher, I have the pinkish one and it is fabulous (doubles as a good eyeshadow too). Not as keen on the lip crayons even though they smell great, am selling mine on fleabay.

So there you go, some hair and makeup recommendations from Sulky Corner.

Knitting-wise, the Daisy cardi is growing despite little knitting going on lately. I have almost finished the second front, and have now got hold of enough Cathay to finish both sleeves. One sleeve would be daft. And my ham hock arms take some covering. So far it's been an easy, straight forward knit - will be a bonus if it FITS and if I actually wear it.
Hopefully will finish it this weekend, but that depends on how hard the methotrexate and its buddies hit me.

That's it for now - no doubt piccies of the garden will appear soon, and I might even post a pic of Daphne in her new titfer!

Oh - I think there's something wrong with PSidney, he doesn't seem his usual self so I am keeping a very close eye on him. I really really hope it isn't his teeth.

Have a lovely weekend,

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