Tuesday, 16 November 2010

You Disgust Me.

And I know damned well that I am not alone.

The SCKC rumour mill started grinding back into action yesterday and I lost a couple of hours reading through a mix of hysteria, piss taking, mockery, horror and absolute disbelief.

Apparently the disorganiser has recovered from the terrible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that has blighted her life since - er - since she fucked up the entire Knit Camp. That's nice.


What's that you say? It's a BIGGER miracle than that?

She has recovered enough to be able to re-open her shop.

Yes, you heard that right. Possibly not on a par with Elvis on your toast or Jesus on a rasher of bacon but a pretty decent sized miracle nonetheless.

Stock from the shop is being sold on Ebay at the moment - one would hope that was to pay off her DEBTS. Many many debts.

Let's get this straight -
  • tutors have NOT been paid
  • refunds for classes that were cancelled etc have NOT all been issued
  • refunds for goods such as the dreaded 'zoodies' which hadn't even been bloody ordered in time have NOT all been received
  • apologies have most definitely NOT been made
  • explanations have NOT been given
In place of any of the above there was the bizarre post about having a holiday followed by more delated posts on Ravelry followed by a mega Ravelry flounce followed by 'Oooooh you are all soooo mean (unless you posted how fabulous I am and how much you loved SCKC)' followed by I am ill how dare you be mean to be followed by I am bankrupt and shutting up shop followed by she has PTSD and is dreadfully ill ....

Get the general idea?

So ill that she is still doing her PhD and SO ill she is reopening the shop of shit. Which of course only shut in the first place because the great British Public didn't support it.
Yes, It is YOUR fault, Joe Public, all of it.
Hang your collective heads in shame.

Now, as we are all obviously to blame for the Disorganiser failing to PAY PEOPLE then by way of apology we could all go to her shop.
here it is
Or of course you may choose to spread the word to every single knitter you know. The word being 'LIAR and CON ARTIST and RIP OFF MERCHANT and ENTIRELY DISREPUTABLE. See, I gave you a choice of words, You may feel the need to add your own too. Rude ones.

We could all choose to buy from her Ebay shop to boost her finances.
That one is here.
Using one's own name possibly isn't wise, when one is not exactly covered in glory. It does however show utter contempt for those awaiting their money and a complete lack of shame.
Or, of course, avoid it like the absolute plague and decide to spend money with decent people.

The choice of course is yours.

So what now?

To those who are still owed money and who have done the decent thing - she can no longer have the benefit of ANYONE'S doubt. Stop being so polite and British (I know, we don't like to make a fuss) and make the biggest bloody fuss since you weren't allowed that fourth ice cream at Julie's party when you were six.

But above and beyond all this utter shite.
Two things still need explaining.

1) where did all the buttons go?

2) has a certain person spent the donation she received on cider yet?? Will she ever blog to say a heartfelt thank you? Will a Paypal donation button appear in time for some Christmas (alcohol) shopping?

Hell, these things matter ....

pee ess
In case of further threats of barristers / baristas - hehe, go for it. Because then every tiny detail will be examined in microscopic detail. Past bankruptcies. Opening of more ventures whilst still bankrupt. Lies. Debts. More lies. What? You might not bother with a barrister and just have a coffee instead? Good idea, When one does not exactly have angels flying out of one's arse, then one is possibly wise to shut up.


AlisonK said...

Well said. And never has the title of your blog seemed more apt.

AlisonK said...

(By which I meant the "You Couldn't Make It Up" bit which somehow I have as a bookmark but which doesn't actually appear at the top of the blog!!!! Doh.)

sulkycat said...

i knew what you meant ;-)
it was the old title of my blog - and yes, damned appropriate!

Mully Nex said...

effing bloody furious. Can't believe she has the audacity.

Rebecca said...

i havent kept up with her sorry self but this is really piteous. you said it all very well- it is a true mockery to the tutoes who werent paid and to the disgruntled students.

asgoodasgold said...

Sulky at her best. Ta very much.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been following this for a while, but I thought that she was moving to Canada!

Then again, maybe bankruptcy and corporate laws in the UK are more to her liking (more lenient).

Freyalyn said...

Yep, couldn't have said a bit of it better myself. Unbelievable.

Kotaatok said...

Sulky - I want her miracle cure do you think it would make your and my life better dealing with a long term disabling illness.

I am absolutely spitting chips that she has the audacity and gall to continue on trading without even apologising and acknowledging the sh£@$@£$te she has created.

Fuming absolutely Fuming.

mehitabel said...

Thank you for once again exposing the wretch for what she is. Keep her feet to the fire! It's too much to hope for that she'll do the right thing and actually pay the people she owes.
I'm waiting for those buttons to show up somewhere, myself!

Hesadevil said...

Seems the miraculous recovery happened way back on October 6th, which is when the feeback (buyers and sellers) starts up again after a stop at the end of August.

Julie said...

Bravo. Thank you for stepping up and saying what needed said.

Anonymous said...

i have a simple question is she legally allowed to trade if shes bankrupt .i wonder if EBAY are aware of her status .