Saturday, 13 November 2010

Yes I Knit!

Sometimes ...

I am currently working on - er - many many things and have the fidgets with all of them. I am determined to get my first ever pair of gloves - yes, GLOVES WITH FINGEROONIES - finished.
I love the pattern very much but by hell I don't like the way it's written - have gone a bit free stylie with the cast on, and am completely ignoring the cabling with different colours instructions because they are very confusing, when the actual process itself is pretty straightforward.

The gloves themselves are Blooming, the branches are cabled in the contrast colour and the leaves embroidered at the end. I was very kindly sent some beautiful Spud and Chloe wool in a fabulous pink, the photo doesn't do it any justice at all so will have to try and get a better photo if we get any sunlight tomorrow. It's not the softest of wool but that makes it perfect for these gloves as the stitch definition is good (a bit too good as it shows any of my blips!).

See what I mean about the colour?
That's from the website, much more like it!
So that's one mission, get the glovies finished. Ideally before I am 86.

A bit of playing about with some penguin sewing is on the go:
destined to become brooches - in their very VERY rough stage at the moment!

Having eaten my fourth serving of these in one week, I am pretty sure I might actually explode sometime during the night.


The Foggy Knitter said...

If it helps I recently used the Spud and Chloe yarn (in just the same colour!) and it does soften somewhat on washing. Love the penguins!

Rebecca said...

had no idea brussel sprouts looked like that on the lant! interesting
still lovin those gloves! your pingouis are so cute!

Rebecca said...
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