Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Did you miss me? Anyone? Even a teeny tiny bit? No?


Tis a weird time at the mo - was in hospital last Wednesday to have an operation on my foofoo parts - the consultant suspected that the endometriosis was back with a vengeance, and promised she would have a good look and do as much work as possible to save me going through it all yet again.

All went well, bits were burnt out, bits were checked, much morphine was given - the bizarreness of being in a hospital that was nicer than some hotels and general madness to come later when my brain works - and thankfully my pelvis was announced 'surprisingly very healthy' which is brilliant.

However, the words 'we were shocked at the state of your lower intestine' were NOT what I had expected to hear! Apparently it is lower down than is normal and 'severely inflamed', plus there's a chance I have some 'rare bladder disease' too - I simply couldn't take it all in so she stopped talking and booked me in to see her next week for a long chat.

It is likely it is Crohn's, which is a nightmare. Plus I lose my job next week too - what a chuffing year!
But nobody has died .... whatever it turns out to be I am sure I will deal with it.

I have some spectacular bruises and rather a lot of stitches, but am definitely picking up - very tired and get dizzy exhausted ridiculously easy, but I was in the operating theatre for an hour longer than expected so I suppose it is going to take longer to pick up than I had thought. Throw in the good old ME and I guess it's going to take time!

I hope all are keeping warm and well - not too much snow here, but my aunt in Northumbria has bonkers amounts as has my mum in North Yorkshire. Ice ice ice - has the hill here been gritted? Supply your own answer ... -6C at night which seems mild compared to the -16C elsewhere.

Wrap up, knit faster, eat stodge!

Many many thanks for cards and kind wishes from you luvverly folk, it really matters xx

***normal, non self pitying posts will return asap


Freyalyn said...

Oh you poor thing, you have been in the wars. Wrap up warm and look after yourself.


Carol said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill... hope you are getting stronger and feeling better day by day.

Rebecca said...

youhave definitely been missed
so glad to be hearing from you a little more
big hugs and stay nice and warm and toasty on that settee feeling stronger every day

revknits said...

Ouch. I hope you heal well, and that you find out what's going on with things!

Mary said...

Good to have you back (you were much missed!) - keep warm and hope you're feeling better soon after the op.

Enid said...

sending good thoughts for better news, from across the hills

Liz said...

Have just read this - you poor thing. Sounds awful... Hope you get better soon, and keep warm.

Eleanor said...

Have wondered how you were. Glad to hear you've got your op over with. You must be relieved to have it done with.Hope you soon recover. Be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest. x

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Hope you're recovering well by now: I popped by to see where you got to because I *am* missing you!

Joan said...

I keep coming by to see what's new. Hope you're feeling a little better with each passing day...

sulkycat said...

how incredibly kind of you all - THANK YOU so much for the lovely comments x