Thursday, 4 November 2010


mum: What's the name of that author, the one who has alzheimers?

me: Terry Pratchett. Sir.

mum: Thanks, that's the one! The man who looks like a tramp! What were those books he wrote about going round the world?

me: erm, I think you mean Bill Bryson.

mum: Noooo, not him. Oh you know! Never mind.

ten minutes later

mum: Backpacking around the world, he wrote about 6 of them. Loads of people bought them, they were very popular!

me: Erm ...


me: The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy??

mum: That's it! Told you!

me: Erm .... that was Douglas Adams.

Just a perfectly normal telephone conversation here. I know I am not alone ....


Freyalyn said...

My mother is also your mother???

sulkycat said...

i knew i was not alone

jeanfromcornwall said...

My connection takes ages to download - it was quite a surprise at the end - I was sure it was going to be Michael Palin!

dawn9163 said...

oh yes - know that sort of conversation well. Today it only took 3 separate goes to get her to understand that when we go to Durham tomorrow to visit 2 of my kids we are not going via manchester to pick the third up as he is Already In Leeds for the weekend. Suspect that by the time we get back on monday I may have gone grey and haggard!