Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Balderdash, I haz it.

yes it is that time again.
The time when people who really should know better decide to headbut their keyboards / lap tops / selves (if possible) repeatedly most evenings.
Yes, tis Nano time.

Oh yes.
Add wannabe writer to writer's block and one of these:

and it really is not going to end well!

Absolutely no idea where this bit of writing is taking me, but it most definitely is NOT in the direction i had half intended! No bad thing, I am enjoying the ride so far despite the utter bonkersmadness of it (or most probably BECAUSE of the utter bonkersmadness of it).

Very slow though - I stormed through it last year and rarely struggled to find the necessary amount of daily shite words, but tis much slower going this time. Plus today hasn't been the best of days - nothing specific, just utterly fed up.

Should hopefully perk up after the op, only 2 weeks to wait now. Mum's apparently moving in with me for a few days, that's going to be farrrr more traumatic than the operation! I told her I am going to request a much longer stay than is needed, ideally two or three weeks (hey, tis a private hospital, I need to sample their food dontcha know). Somehow I doubt I will get away with it - I suspect - nay, I KNOW, that she will be up all night cleaning my hovel and muttering dark things about all my assorted crap. She promises not to, but I have very clear memories of her doing this when I was laid up with tonsillitis many years ago ...


What else?
Delphine, the megamoss stitch cardi is finished and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it - I only have shite piccies at the moment so will take better ones asap. Far too much knitting on the go at the moment, plus writing, plus trying to tidy my home, plus trying to find the energy to do the above, plus a pile of sewing that is becoming pretty urgent - good job I am off, too busy to go to work.

The house smells of christmas cake at the moment, this one is for my daughter but it doesn't look as good as the first one so I will keep it and give her the better one, Or we can half them and have half of each, Smells good though, if nothing else it should be fab with ice cream!
It's this:
caribbean creole christmas cake and is superb. Dead easy, and superb.

When my get up and go returns I have ideas aplenty for corsets in a steampunk stylie to make - I used to make corsest aplenty a few years ago, but stopped because the financial returns rarely reflected even a fraction of the labour and time. But I am tempted to start again, also some quirky skirts and jackets and bags ... lots of ideas, absolutely no energy!

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Rebecca said...

you busy thing you!
i bet your corsets would be to die for - can't wait to see
also waiting (im)patiently for delphine piccies ;)
hugs to you!!!