Thursday, 19 February 2009

spring, almost

ok, so the piccies on here have loaded themselves back to front - not literally, but as in this should have been the last one - never mind

i know better than to try and move them about anymore, that way madness lies ...

this is a little cuff i made a while ago, mrs beetons (ravelry) - ridiculously easy to make, very fast - pretty ridiculous on too, but i love them - totally silly and a bit of frippery (great peeking out from a long sleeved black top)

playing about with my camera - i still dont know what the hell is meant to do what - i tend to experiement and scribble notes down if a certain setting seems to work - i quite liked these ones of a lamp in my living room

i will invest in a better camera at some point, and lessons - thats the biggy, this camera is lovely but i know i dont even begin to make the most of it out of sheer ignorance
i would book onto some nightclass now, but this silly chronic fatigue / ME thingy knocks that for six, a nightclass would kill me just at the moment

talking of which, i feel a kip on the settee coming on ...

ah, this is more like what was meant to follow the title - my garden is tiny
not one of those tardis type gardens that are always in 'container gardening for small gardens' books, that are usually the size of 17 of mine put together, with decking and seating and a pond and a pergola and enough grass to keep 5 gardeners in business
no, my garden is TINY, no grass, just 2 squares outside the house (and as its a back to back terraced house, thats it, no other garden space at all)
my old garden was heaps bigger, 3 sides to it, lovely, and backed onto open land and old trees - but this little space keeps me sane in the summer, i spend a hell of a lot of time sitting out in it
i tidied all of my many pots the other day (its mild, dark, cloudy and wet but mild, its a start), and loved seeing how many bulbs are poking their way through - daffs, tulips, bluebells and goodness knows what else i shoved in there last year
last summer everything looked gorgeous, very cheap bulbs mainly, from good old wilko, so i bought loads more and shoved those in too
i need to find a good online plant supplier, and to get to a garden centre again - i miss having one really handy, its 2 bus rides to get to a homebase, and much much further to get to somewhere bigger like b&q
being a teenager in a small country market town was dull as can be, but being able to get to all the shops easily was a huge bonus!
ah well
last remaining pansy that survived the snow and ice - i love you

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