Monday, 2 February 2009

catching up - and wrapping up

just another thing i have made recently - i m atking part in the knit a sweater a month group on ravelry, this was my first one - i really like it! so far i have not worn it, it needs blocking again as its a tiny bit tight across the back - plus its been too cold for a little cropped cardi!

(its the gothic lace pattern, on ravelry - free)

i am currently working on sylvi (the big pink cabled jacket on the previous post), and a cropped dusty pink cardi (yes, another unsuitable - for - winter item), haight from the most recent norah gaughan booklet

playing with my camera this morning - we were supposed to be going on a training day, a morning of phone calls - when we finally tried to set off, first the taxi couldnt get to my road, never mind my house (and i certainly dont live in the middle of a field!), then we had a pretty scary drive before my boss rang and told us to go home

so i had a day off, which was lovely - but ironically all the work i could have done with catching up on - is on my table at work

so playing with my camera, trying to get a really sharp close up of my tulips

i love both piccies, but they are not as sharp as i would have liked - trial and error - i have no idea what i am meant to do with all the settings, and simply point, fiddle, and click ....

my house, turn to the left .... (the red brick wall in the foreground is mine) ...

... and turn to the right - at about 10am this morning
we dont tend to get snow like this very often, it came down in huge flakes all morning, and on & off this afternoon - i hate the snow, but this took me right back to being a little girl again, real old fashioned snow - i bet a lot of young children had a great time in it today!
lots more due this afternoon and overnight, no idea if we will all make it into work tomorrow - its a pretty long journey for some of us, and all our kids are taxied in
(a day at home again will be very welcome, but a tad frustrating when i have so much to do at work!)
keep warm all x

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Lupie said...

Your gothic lace sweater is just beautuful! Love the ribbon around the neck.
We are over the little snows like the one you had. I would rather 5 or 6 inch and get it over with.