Monday, 16 February 2009


a time of rest and play ... sleep, knit, read - and repeat, heavenly
half term, one week off for good behaviour, although i am in work tomorrow for the day to do some 'very important' (actually it is, very) paperwork - apart from that, meeting friends, knitting, meeting friends AND knitting, having lunch, roaming book shops, looking at things for knitty swaps, looking at things for spinning swaps, seeing my mum, and dying my hair - perfect week off, all being well

the above picture is one of my latest 'must knit's, but in as dark a grey or black as possible and without the collar
i think with a black long sleeve top and a quirky skirt & boots it could be quite nice

for some reason i am reminiscing about this lovely book a lot lately - my mum rang me the other week after reading some article where the writer had mentioned this book and how much he loved it as a boy - i had 2 that i can remember, and loved them - pookie, a little bunny with wings - i had a pookie teddy at some point, with chubby legs dressed in blue trousers, i cant remember him having wings though, maybe i chewed them off
tis perfectly possible
but once you start down memory lane its never ending - i was a happy happy child, and there are so many wonderful memories, mainly around my nan and gag, my much loved and missed grandparents
happy days

ah pookie, where are you

this - sylvi - has gone in the bin
was never 100% sure that i would actually wear something chunky and bright pink, and should have stuck to me instincts, and at the least knit it in charcoal
or ignored it
small people who aint sylphlike shouldnt bloody bother with chunky cables

i loved knitting it, and blocked the back yesterday / over night - it was so small i had to stretch the hell out of it and soak it and stretch it some more, so when i took it off the pins it looked like lace, not nice ... so rather than keep trying i have binned it
if i ever go back to it, it will be with different wook in a better, as in more 'me', colour

meantime, theres a gorgeous, long, flarey cabled coat in inspired to knit, so i am ordering than from amazon and will give that one a go
in charcoal
not pink

and finally - did these at work with the kids before christmas, and i like them now they are up on display - took me all afternoon to put this little lot up, and i suspect one or two will have tumbled over the hols - i forgot to add the mountain of blutack i had planned to sneak under the canvas

i loved covering such a big board with bubblegum pink, it refelcted across the corridor - am adding some to a display in my own room next, to annoy the lads ;-)

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