Sunday, 1 February 2009

long time no see .....

it has been a very long time since I wrote on here - not that anyone will have noticed of course, but hey, I am back, sort of ...

A mixture of illness (ME / chronic fatigue), doing zilch in my 'free' time so that I can manage to keep working - and work being barking fooking mad (chairs & tables being thrown sort of mad), plus lethargy plus reading like a mad woman = very little time to blog on here.

BUT in the meantime - spinning, knitting up a storm, reading constantly and finially managing to gather the impetus to sit and WRITE (1,343 words of utter shite = the best selling novel that will make my fortune and enable me to buy that elusive little home by the sea with NO neighbours)... dream on.
But yes, I have written a bit, utter rubbish but it is a start.

And this is some of my ongoing knitting from recent weeks / days : sylvi, which I love but am taking a break from after finishing the back, was sick of the sight of the blessed thing.

the wool was from fleabay, discontinued, ridiculously cheap, and its lovely, really nice to knit with - both sleeves are done, and the back minus the flowers, and i have started a front before boredom set in.

I spun this scarf, the first amount I have managed to spin that could be used for soemthing to actually wear, it is plied with silver thread and silver beads, and I really like it - it's having its first outing tomorrow.

I can't remember what roving it was, but I THINK it might have been swaledale, I will have to check on my ravelry pages.
Whatever it was, I liked spinning it and managed to keep it fairly fine most of the time, definitely a huge improvement on my previous motley efforts.
And finally, the baby herself - my beautiful wheel ...


Samsara said...

Wow! What you've been doing is lovely! I really like the cabled pink and I can't see the finished result. The spun silver is gorgeous too - defiantly wearable and so nice to think that you've made it all yourself from start to finish!

Lupie said...

I noticed you were not around. Glad you are back and your wheel is awesome. I hope to have one some day.

sulkycat said...

thank you for the comments! yes,i am back, healths still shaky but better than it has been - and i LOVE my wheel, i cant believe someone would be generous enough to post me it (from holland) as a pressie - some truly lovely people around