Sunday, 22 February 2009

going back to work ...

i am pleased with my little self today
this is the handpsun i have just plied, its the most even i have managed so far (despite my lovely wheel playing silly buggers repeatedly), its a bit thinner than double knit, so if i really concentrated i might be able to spin / ply around fingering weight / heavy lace weight

you can see how pleased gibbs is too, with his cheeky little grin and his twinkly eyes - ahhh jethro, you warm the cockles of my heart, you silver fox you

these were the 2 bobbins i had spun over the last wek or two, much better than my last lot (this is maybe my 5th go at spinning), no serious thick / thin differences in this lot - i am not kidding myself its brilliant, but i am very happy with it so far
my aim is to spin enough to be able to knit myself a grey shawl, and as theres still a bag and a half left to spin up i should have plenty

hand spun, hand knit shawl in natural greys - not bad!

this is 'choke', from noro silk garden - very easy to kniw, the dragon scale stitch definition isnt brilliant but its ok - had to do a bit of jiggling about with the noro, as i love the pinks \& purples but LOATHE the orangey browns, so joined at the back neck to hide those colours
i think this will be heading to work with me tomorrow

where did the holiday go??

FINISHED! twilight mitts of heavenly goodness, i love these - one or two stitches in the wrong places but i love them to bits

and finally - if i knit myself a tank top (to wear over a black shirt, i can picture it in my head) would i end up looking like father dougal??


Lupie said...

I love the way the mitts came out!

sulkycat said...

thank you, i am so pleased i finally finished them!