Saturday, 9 August 2008

long time no see....

i think the easiest way for me to cope with this silly picture loading / manouvering is to load them and then write - so bear with this being so disjointed (i simply cant be bothered tonight!)
this is the sky on the last day of my holiday at scarborough (yes, throughout this blog there are several piccies of scarby, its my favourite place)- it was really warm but the sky looked fantastic, really dark and moody...

midweek it poured down for the afternoon - again very very warm, so i sat on the beach under my brolly, hence the black frilly top edge to this pic
i ended up all on my ownsome, which suited me! i only left this little spot (my favourite place and worth the walk - theres absolutely nothing there apart from sea, sand, rocks and grass) when the tide came right in...then walked a long way and sat on a wall watching the sea crashing against the sides, heaven
this would be the perfect place to move to (er, not this actual spot on the beach you understand), if i could get a decent job here i would move like a day ,maybe, one day

i LOVE this - they walked so so slowly, one clutching her back all the way..i overtok them several times, i kept stopping to look at the view and play with my camera, they overtook me, then i would overtake them....just where the path dips infront of them is a very steep walk down towards the sea, i bet their poor knees felt every step

thank you girls, you made my day!

i have no idea what pattern this is - i started it absolutely ages ago and finally got round to adding the beads to the points - its in debbie bliss cotton angora i think (i think, could be totally wrong, although i know for sure its debbie bliss something) in a deepish purple, i really like it - i altered the patter to have a band of lace and a panel down the front instead of it being all over, and i like how it turned out - not too keen on the wool though, it split quite a lot

i finally found how to do macro piccies with my little camera, and i like this - i jotted it all down somewhere and one day i might find where i put it - its in a 'safe place', which is rarely a good thing

i would love to be much better at photography than i am, but cant really justify buying a better camera - the one i have is my 2nd decent one, and i am trying to do what i can with it

its just one more thing on my very very long list of things i want to do well (this is a problem i have - i cant settle for doing things 'okish' and simply enjoying them for what they are, i always feel this need to do better and better......and seem to be jill of all trades, mistress of none!

and this is my lacy wotnot that i am working on for ravelry - and about 5 minutes before starting to update this blog i realised it was very very wrong for the last few lifeline, very fine fluffy wool, unpicking this back a few rows is not going to be easy or fun

i also have a luna moth shawl halfway completed in a totally different wool - bfl from yarnpirates (thank you martha!) in shades of black, grey, purple and jade green, very very beautiful - the 2 types of lace seem to sum me up pretty well, pink, fluffy & girlie, and dark gothypunkiness!

2and a half weeks into the holidays and i dont want it to end!

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