Sunday, 22 June 2008

ahhh, time to knit!

after finally admitting defeat with the farce that is this years exam marking system, & emailing them to collect my unmarked papers (& yes, i feel guilty, but theres only so many calls to helplines you can cope with when the whole system goes belly up for the umpteenth time....), i now have TIME, that luxurious commodity! so i started the could i possibly resist?
autumn asters cardigan, in the summer interweaves, i absolutely love it! (
first time i have tried to follow a chart, albeit a mini chart for the leaves, so far so good...

the wool is a gorgeous debbie bliss handspun, more debbie bliss on the way from fleabay, in varying shades of pink, also some very vivid green silks (& i have some pink rowan silks upstairs that i might throw into the mix too)

and this is what you get when you do 'an edible colour wheel' at school! absolutely loved it, great fun - the kids were clarted to the eye balls, behaved perfectly (i teach kids who have been thrown out of school) & ended up with purple tongues.... fill 'em up with colouring & sugar & send 'em home (insert huge leer here)
enid. i love my enid.
playing with bits on my camera, & really really pleased with how clear most of my shots were...more to come, you lucky lucky reader(s)
and this just about sums up my week, which has been pretty grotty & has reduced me to tears of frustration & anger on more than one occasion

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