Friday, 22 August 2008


just an assortment from the last couple of days... i almost missed the bus getting this shot today! from the bottom of the hill near my house, right next to the bus stop of prettiness (theres isnt much thats pretty near here, except for this nice countryfied bus stop with a chunky wooden bench (the rest of the area is manky as hell!)

a bunch of these and white (dying rapidly) freesia in my living room at the moment - i always wanted to be able to afford to have fresh flowers in my house all the time, and i can - i dont have much, but i do have the flowers!
these nasturtiums are ENORMOUS! they are trying to trap the postie i think, with their curling stems and cheeky little bright faces spreading aroiund the path

all gone now, but this summer (yes, that week that the sun shone, that was it) i had a mass of purple and lilac violas and pansies, really really lovely

and last but not least - adventures in kool aid - this has been posted off to my swap partner on ravelry, i really like it- sadly theres a touch of brown where the greens and pinks met, but apart from that i am pleased with it (i LOVE pink and green together)...hope you like it aksunflour!! (

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