Thursday, 28 August 2008

grumpy old cow...

...thats me

a mix of the summer holidays coming to an end (where did it go?), back to school nerves (sheer horror / terror / confusion / disorder / panic), a run in with a patronising cow when i tried to return a (very expensive) cardi that was shedding so much it was coming off in lumps and making me sneeze (its got mohair sweetheart, its what it does, you should read the label) to which my reply was can i have head offices number please, i am not your sweetheart so please dont patronise me, and where on the label does it say this garment will shed all over the place, ruin what you are wearing underneath and make you sneeze

and with my luck today she will be my one and only reader
in which case - i think you are a patronising cow
so there


on a knitting front:

have started this beauty:

from this lovely assortment (the rowan is as dark a charcoal grey can get without actually being black, i would have preferred black but this is leeds and one takes what one can get)

(unless its a very moulty expensive cardi)

have finished one side front (and how confuseled was i? AT THE SAME TIME increase 5 million stitches whilst standing on your head listing to the left AT THE SAME TIME decrease 3.456 whilst whistling the national anthem AT THE SAME TIME blah blah blah

got there eventually, 2nd time around
and one sleeve almost done, loads of snowdrops to sew up later on... love love love the colours together

knit. stay sane. knit. drink wine. knit. and ignore patronising cows.....


Samsara said...

Love the new project, it looks very stunning! Can't wait to see it finished! I'm also dreading and anticipating the start to term, sad to see the summer go (what summer?) and glad to see some money on the horizon! Don't worry about the grumpy cow, she'll get her just desserts!

sulkycat said...

what summer indeed, its drizzled all day today (matched my mood!) - thanks for the comments, and good luck next week (assume you go back then too?)