Friday, 22 August 2008

where did the time go?

my summer holiday mission was to learn to spin on my drop spindle - that has not happened, and only one week to go - where did it go? why has it rained almost the entire time? why is the house still a mess?

but something i DID manage to do over the holidays is this: thanks to the monthly adventures group on ravelry, i learned how to salvage the wool vomit below into a ball (spit splicing, excellent! i legitimately get to gob on my wool!)

yes this is what happens when you decide you know it all and that theres absolutely no need to wind a skein into a ball before you start to knit from it.... took hours and hours to sort this mess out

and this is the result - luna moth, my first piece of lace knitting apart from a floaty wisp (which is so straightforward it barely counts)

yes its taken in the toilets (after seeing mamma mia at the cinema), yes we are damned classy like that

not everyone gets to show off their new lace shawl in a toilet, ohhhhh no
i love it, love the colours, love the wool, love the pattern - am half way through a second shawl in a different pattern, am hoping to finish it by this time next week

i have, however, also just cast on for the snow drops cardi in the auntumn vogue, its gorgeous (and complicated) (twit that i am)- will add some piccie another day

meanwhile, this is whats going on in the teeny tiny garden - trial and error with my camera, i twiddled a few knobs (ooh er missis) and i LOVE the dahlia picture, one good thing to come out of all the rain... theres a few more of the dahlias (which are about 4 foot tall, and covered with flowers), i want a couple of them enlarging onto canvas for the living room

...and these, these are massive and sprawling all over the path (not my favourite plant but the smell takes me back to being a nipper) - used to be covered in caterpillars if i remember correctly

i wish i could make photos larger on here, never mind
i wish i could work out how the hell to make the links to crafster and ravelry actually work, and be in pretty little professional boxes at the side, never mind
i wish someone would actually read this blog!....

....never mind


Anonymous said...

I read it! I live in Leeds too - Meanwood. Julie x

Anonymous said...

I read it too.


TwinsMama said...

LOL! oh sulkycat, you're not alone! I read it too!

Anonymous said...

Ugh - I've done the hours of untangling recently too. It's scary how quickly it can get like that! Your photographs are stunning, and I love this shawl.