Tuesday, 2 September 2008


this is progress so far on the snow drop cradi wotsit, 2 fronts, 1 sleeve, 1 pocket last night, and started the back tonight...yes, i ignore the order its meant to be knitted in, no i dont care because thats how wild and rebellious i am

knitting instructions? pah

and back at work, hence a disjointed, babbling, nonsensical mutter today... 2 days back and i am shattered, non stop meetings, 3 kids in tomorrow (yes 3, they will be very very hard work), roll on saturday - spent the last 6 weeks wanting the weeks to go as slowly as possible, then 2 days back in and i am wishing for the weekend!

this is what i wish i was doing ....
my poorly feet would love this (although ideally on a day like the one when this was taken, our one and only hot week of this summer) these poor swollen, misfits of footsies would love to go paddling on a warm day
(will write more about the misfit footises another day, had the most bizarre shoesies shopping experience ever last night, was like being in a victoria wood sketch...)

the results of my summer 'grow your own' pea planing endeavours - yes its one pea pod
but they were very sweet
3 peas
damned impressive

found out last week that poor little noddy is almost a nonentity in america - the americans i know on ravelry have NEVER heard of enid bloody blyton! how is this possible! i am almost finished reading a brilliant memoir of enid the genius, looking for enid by duncan mcsomeoneorother (cant be arsed to get up and go to find his surname), its very very good indeed, a mix of fact, insanity, babble, perfect stuff! no mention of enids penchant for nekkid tennis yet tho'

and no idea where i saw this in blogland (if its from your blog please say, and i will credit you for it!), i think its beautiful wool, maybe a tad too white in places for me, but otherwise beautiful

cant be bothered to read this for typos, bear with me if its gibberish...am going to go and drool about this lovely coloured wool

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