Monday, 17 December 2012

Still here.

I am alive - started the new drug trial last Thursday (more to come on that) and have been 'under the weather' since then (ie knackered. And in the toilet. And knackered).

But I am more ooman today after a decent night's kip, so hopefully back to Ravelry posting and blog posting tomorrow. Hopefully.

I have about 3 trillion things to finish off tomorrow to get in the post by Wednesday, somehow I suspect some of my friend(and my sister, sorry!) will have to wait until the New Year for their pressies. Buggerit.


Alison said...

I seriously think that most people would prefer to see you improving rather than making yourself worse trying to get presents to them.

Parroty said...

Can't have you re-enacting East End slave trade, you need some time to de-stress, everything else - except perhaps an occasional cold shower, can wait! xxx