Monday, 31 December 2012

Has he been yet?

Did I miss Christmas?
It certainly doesn't feel like Christmas - I was in so much pain Christmas day that I gave up and went to bed - my daughter went home with a food mountain, and I had Christmas dinner on Boxing Day.

This then meant I had Boxing Day's dinner on the following day (still with me here?) - the best food ever, cold fried up!
Now I don't know if this is just a Northern thing or if everyone makes it and loves it, but it is so delicious (yet looks so bad in photos!).

All those roasties, roast parsnips and veg chopped up and fried until crisp, then eaten with as many pickles and sauces you can handle.

(Apple sauce, cranberry sauce, pickled onions - nomtastic).

I had a piece of dry toast for Christmas day, hey ho.

I didn't bother with most of my usual decorations (a. I couldn't reach the box they are in and b. I was out of energy) but I DID make my tree. Oh yes, all that time at Art College put to good use. What I really want is one of the dreadfully expensive trees from John Lewis - then I spotted one in good old Wilkos that was similar and a fraction of the price, but still couldn't justify the money.

£85 ish, the Wilko one is almost identical and cost £30.
But mine - oh mine is a thing of - er - glory. Or something.
Several whopping great branches from the blossom tree in the garden, a tall florists vase, lots of paper to hold in place then white paint. A three year old could probably have done better but I LOVE IT!
It has lots of toadstools, disco balls, HUGE pompoms,bells,  robins, icicles, mitts, mini jumpers and of course, a pink pig in a sparkly dress.
Makes me grin every time I look at it - I might keep it, and turn it into a Spring tree with knitted blossom and catkins. And nests. And plant daffs in the vase - oh yes, I like this idea!
And here we are on New Year's Eve - and what wild thrills await in the Sulky household?
In keeping with my punk image I will be:
1. watching Emmerdale
2. eating pasta and salad or cheese on toast with marmite
3. opening a bottle of fizz
4. knitting
5. cuddling PSidney
6. texting folk
I love this cushion cover I am knitting - more details tomorrow.
And this is as far as I got with my journal - tis a (hand pain dependant) start.
Right, thassit.
From PSidney and myself, have a lovely New Year's Eve and may 2013 be a healthy, peaceful and happy year for you all.

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Stickmamma said...

Love your tree, Love your dinner, LOVE PSidney!
Have a nice 2013!