Sunday, 2 December 2012


It didn't photograph very well but yes, that IS thick ice.


Am extremely tired, haven't been able to sleep all week (literally) so gave in and had a double dose of sleepy tabs last night and slept through until 11am. Have been totally sluggish all day as a result - and most probably won't get any sleep tonight. Hey ho.

I ache quite a bit, am headachey, fed up, cold and - well, fed up.

Betcha glad to be reading this cheery little blog post aren't you!

Thank goodness for friends and Stocking Swapsies! These have really cheered me up - not because I am materialistic (truly!) but because of the thought and fun. Best swaps each year without a doubt.

Keef managed to pinch the Grown Ups scissors but I removed (and hid) them before he could cause too much mayhem. Sadly I wasn't fast enough to remove the pen from him.
Apparently this is Gangsta Keef (innit).

I dread to think what he was about to draw in his nether regions (snow balls?).

I also have a fab colour changing candle:

The sunlight here must be so weak - it won't work on the windowsill, but springs into life as soon as it catches the light from the halogen heater!

I am running behind (I feel like my entire life is running behind) but posted the first 5 gifts to both partners last week, am aiming to get the rest in the post tomorrow or Tuesday. So lots of finishing off has been happening, and finally, finally, things are almost done.

I had Plans to make some rather fab things - and of course hands / head / body refused to play along. But hopefully my partners will like what is en route. Sent with lots of love.

I started tidying the bathroom.
Please tell me this is a perfectly normal amount of hair products to own? Yes?

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I am so pleased you took the scissors off Keef, I dread to think of what mayhem would sorry things aren't good for you, sending lots of hugs and healin fingies your way.