Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nipply out.

Brrrrrr! Chuffin' freezing (literally).

It has been a sloooooow week, have been very sleepy and rather achey so bed, with the leccy blanket on, has been my favourite place. Luvverly. One upon a time spending the day in bed was MUCH more exciting (ie not spent alone) but at the moment I am perfectly happy to snooze. I must be getting old ....

Some knitting has been done, and Things have been finished (hurrah! Tis a mini Christmas miracle!). May I present to you - a gathering of mini hogs:

Utterly addictive - pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits, very quick to knit, good fun and they are just - well, you can see what they are like! I love them. Some are destined to become Christmas visitors, at least one will be staying with me, probably the middle one, I like his little upturned snout. I love how they all seem to take on individual personalities when sewn up.

Somewhat less cute (but still adorabubble, just don't tell Keef I said that) are these little fellas:

Keef says they are his 'Gang' and that he is teaching them 'everyfink wot he knows' (which presumably took about 20 seconds). He also has a new friend, piccies to come as they are on my phone, who he has named 'Ganja Santa'. I can only apologise.
(pattern - Mochimochi Snowman - again very quick and fun to knit)(just Don't Tell Keef).

Keef managed to get to one of my Christmas Stocking gifts before I could stop him:

In his favour I suppose it's a 5 letter word (not 4), and spelt correctly.

I also finished and posted a rather dinky Wol, will have to ask my friend if I can steal her photo as I forgot to take one before posting him to his new home. He has Victorian buttons for eyes, and I love the bit of character they gave him.

I seem to have started a pair of mitts for me maybe five times now, only to unravel it before I have finished the cuffs. I keep wanting to alter the pattern and my head is filled with ideas - just use a flippin' pattern and stick with it woman! I also have two pairs of mitts on the go as presents, no, three pairs, a pair of shark mitts for meeeeeeee (as well as the other ones), and some other bits to knit in time for Chrimbo. I have sewing plans too, but actually getting off my lardy derriere and moving to the table is beyond me. One day ... I have some nice soft fleece with plans to make a few little pocket-type sleeping bags for PSidney over the winter (can just stick them in the wash every other day).

Before I pootle off, here are some rather speshul Christmas gift ideas for you to ponder.
A definite YES from me:

Black leather look nails with 3D silver skulls? What's not to love! Long waiting list for them apparently.

Then there are the other type of 'speshul' gifts. Why - really, why?
Really? That's enough nice wool to knit a cardi! The ones with animals or Amy thingy Childs are equally bizarre.

But maybe not as bizarre as this:
Yes. That IS a headless teddy bear lamp! I actually rather like the sheer madness of it, and if it was a fiver then yes I could see it fitting in Chez Sulky rather easily. But it is £94! NINETY FOUR POUNDS!

Then there is this - again I like the idea of it in theory (although it might damage the spine of a book) but the price!
£38. A book artfully plonked over one of those opaque Ikea lamps would be similar.

LOVE the bat pegs! But at a fiver EACH they are too steep, as you would really need a full line of them to look effective.  (the above are all from I Want One Of Those)(but not at that price).

There - no need to thank me, my indispensable gift guide!

I am going to curl up with an episode of Lie to Me (oh Lordy, Tim Roth, drool), the never-beginning mitts, chocolate and some pop. Keep warm and enjoy the weekend.
(exciting health news coming up)


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Ooh leather nails, and keeflets what's not to love?

Puddytatpurr said...

Erm, after seeing Keef and his gang - I now have a sneaky suspicion what's in the parcel marked 'apologies'

I can't even move house to escape - it's already here!!!