Monday, 4 July 2011

I'm spinning around - just call me Kylie

Yes, tis a mini miracle - Saturday was bearable enough for me to fancy some spinning, which I don't think I have done since SCKC last summer.
Gorgeous batts were ordered and I oiled my neglected wheel - handies were OKish, and I hoped that the gentle foot motion on the treadle would possibly help rather than aggravate my bad foot.

And amazingly - all went well! I did my spinning in bits as I didn't want to push my luck painwise, and it certainly is not the world's best spinning but I am thrilled to bits to not only be able to spin but to WANT to!
I was so determined not to overspin as I usually do that it has ended up a bit underspun but what the hell.

There's about 250m there a bit thicker than 4 ply but not quite double knit despite being thickish / floofy in places and a bit less than that again to ply. My hands and foot are not happy today so it can wait. I think it will become a shawl with some plain pink and plain black.

On a completely different note, and for no other reason than I keep meaning to say how good it is and keep forgetting - this stuff is brilliant if like me you are 'blessed' with very fine hair. It is great - you literally just gently shake some of the fine powder into your hair where you need a bit of a lift (dry hair) and then ruffle it up gently or backcomb it a tiny  bit - it adds fullness without having to do anything brutal. Costs around a tenner a tub - the tub is small, about the height of a matchbox so a tenner maybe sounds a lot for what you get but you only need a tiny amount.
It helps if I tell you what it is - the photo isn't brilliant, sorry - it is Clynol's Powder Punch texture powder.

Definitely worth a try!
What else - I have a collection of Things That Are Simply WRONG, but I think that's a blog post of its own - maybes tomorrow.
The above arrived for Daphne on Saturday morning - the full reveal will be posted when my nerves are up to it. For now let's just say she hasn't stopped preening herself all weekend.

40 years of FollyFoot, cripes. The Lightening Tree - never did know the correct words ... (sorry, the local news is on in the background). I loved Follyfoot and Black Beauty, wonderful telly.

And I will leave you with my plans for this week ....

Hmmmm ..... it could have been worse, it could have been a turkey baster.

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Carola said...

The spinning looks great, Julia. Glad you seem to feel up to some fun at times.

The stuff for your hair sounds intriguing. Wonder if it's available in Sweden. Have to have a look around. Thanks for the tip