Sunday, 24 July 2011

Guest Blogger (brace yourselves).

In the tradition of all the good blogs, I have a Very Special guest blogger.
But as this is not classed as a good blog, my guest is - er - speshul.

But enough of me - let me leave the rest of this post to the great - Keef.

'ey up! Tis me, Keef!
For them wot dunno, I is one of Sulk's frends - nay, I iz 'er bestest frend. Only frend iv the truf be telled.
This woz the welcome I got from that Daffers bird. Iv u wanna see 'ow 'ansome I am then u will 'av to turn yer pooter upside down and not drop it, innit.

Last week I went on me 'ols wiv Sulks n Daf. Woz the furst time I av been on an ol n dint really no wot to do. Sulks told me to just shurrup n behave.
This is me on me 'ols:

On day 1 it woz a gud job I 'ad me scarf! Brrrr!
But then that 'ot fing int sky started doin' it's fing and I got rite worried I can tell ya!

Look at it! After a day of this I woz 'arf the man I used to be.
It got so bloomin' 'ot I 'ad to tek me scarf off for a bit.
Nekkid as the day I woz born! Nekkid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daffers wanted in on me fame so I let 'er be in some piccies - she 'ad a new beekeenee bieckienee fing on wot made 'er look rite good. Sulky sed that fing on 'er ed made 'er look like she wor int war.

But wot Sulky knows bowt fashun cud be rit on a pin 'ed.

Any hows.

I did some plankin' and no it int a rime for a bad word! Innit!
I planked inside.
And owt.

Daffers sed I am a rite planker.

Then we 'ad a parteeeeeeee!

Cor me 'ed!
Anyways, I 'ad a rite gud time. Holleedays - good innit!

Love from Keef xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jane said...

Hahah love! :D

sulkycat said...

don't encourage him for goodness sake!!!

mumowl said...

Keef is a natural blogger, he could write a blockbuster!

Joy said...

I will treasure Keef's speshul postcard :-)

Miss Julep said...

TOO funny! Love the photo essay.