Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hurrah! I am pleased with these - originally knit whilst sitting on the beach at Scapa Bay in Orkney, after the Interview.From.Hell, then realised they were toooooo small, as I was using the wrong needles, Anyway, reknit, haven't blocked them as she has slim hands and I think they will be a hit. Very fast easy knit, might have to make myself a pair.

The squiggle photos are in the wrong order, thank you blogger.
Cheeky little thing was hanging on by his back legs and hugging the net of nuts to his chest to chomp off the top - the blurry photo was through my net curtains, when I went out and said 'Oi! They aren't for you!' he sat on the gatepost and laughed at me, Cheeky blighter.

One more sleep, lorra food, lorra plonk, lorra laughs, then relative normality should be resumed.

My daughter is due here in a couple of hours, not cooking anything for tea, we are hitting the cheese and assorted nibbles instead of holding off until tomorrow afternoon.
Lazy? Moi? Damned right.

Finished the last bit of the last present - is this a thing that crafters the world over do, finish assorted projects off last minute? I suspect so.All wrapped, all hidden in the bomsite that is my bedroom - all the crap from downstairs now seems to be in my room. Yippee. Three guesses what I am doing Boxing Day ...

I had also knit the owls jumper, but as a cardi, for a present, but it looks vile - have left it unwrapped, and she is going to try it on, see if it is salvageable, and if not will let her have a plough through patterns on Ravelry for something else. Sheesh.

Have a warm, lovely Christmas. Toodles


Lupie said...

I love these owl mitts! I have seen them on other blogs and yours are awesome.

sulkycat said...

Thank you, they were fun to knit, and Kerri loved them!