Thursday, 17 December 2009


Work in progress - half a bag is better than none I suppose, I plan on finishing this one tomorrow, but I forgot to buy some material to make the strap, silly moo - I suspect I can find something in the mountains of material upstairs.
Gorgeous Laura Ashley materials, and a silk birdy, I have plans for embellisging it furtehr before sewing in the lining.

A bit of self indulgent knitting, despite having certain things to finish for Christmas ... great pattern, it grows really quickly and is easily memorised, will add a link when I get my act together. The wool was a gift (thank you Darlene!), and I like it - Karaoke, half silk, half soy, great colours. Not the softest in the world although it should soften after a wash, but it really shows the cable effect well!

Blimey! It's bloody freezing! And it started snowing here a couple of hours ago, brrrrrrrr - love how it looks, hate how it feels!

I spent a couple of hours - yes hours - putting four bags on my etsy shop, HOURS. I had to edit all the photos, then the editing wotsit I was using decided to sulk, so I had to find another way - I suspect it was a job that would take someone a bit more savvy than me minutes to do - anyway, they are finally on.

They were originally planned for a craft fair, but it feels wrong to do craft fairs when I am signed off work somehow ... I do like them though, the birdy one above is a favourite. The bird is silk, and a really yummy chocolatey brown - brown and pinks together are rarely a bad thing!

Tea smells good so I suppose I had better go and check it - roast veg, with mushrooms, chillies and garlic, yummy. Somehow salad didn't seem too bright a plan in this weather ...
Stay warm!

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