Saturday, 14 June 2008

busy busy busy....

Hmmmm... what have we here?

Lordy what a week...far too much going on at work, none of it good, so am seriously glad it is the weekend!
I have oodles of marking to do still, in fact I had some silly plan to do 50 papers today but so far I have done the grand total of - er - none.

I have an excuse though! I got this assorted lot of marvellous swap goodies from the very talented & lovely Eukarya in a recent swap, obviously a sea themed swap (total self indulgence, I organised it!!) , how can I possibly mark exam papers when I have choxie to totally gorge myself on, & these brilliant goodies to look at? Fellow crafty people i am sure you will understand....

Plus I also have these to get on with - the little cardi is for a colleague's new granddaughter, but at the rate I am going she will be a teenager before I get it finished, not sure what it is about it, bhut I just can't get motivated to finish....

The black goodness, which is very badly photographed, is from Knitting Lingerie Style, the shaped lace tee, & it is sooo easy to do! Again, my motivation went astray, but I have picked it up again, finished a sleeve & started the front last night infront of NCIS (ahhhh, the silver foxiness that is Gibbs....) (the pinkness behind it is a gorgeous dress from East, very expensive & in need of alteration, & has been since last summer). One day, one day...the things I plan to do in the summer holidays beggars belief!

OK, I suppose I had better show willing & go to do some marking....toodle pip people

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