Monday, 9 June 2008

sulky, you are one sexy lady

people have asked me in the past, what do i look like......(obviously these are people online - people i know in the flesh tend to already know what i look like....)

oi sulky, you gorgeous bird, reveal yourself in all your true glory, they shout

honest they do

so here i am....

imagine this:

mating with this:

i am the offspring

betcha drooling


A Voice from Left Field said...

I love it!!!!

aka wouldntyouknow

cath said...

ooo--they are even more horrible than I remembered {{shudder}}

sulkycat said...

they are gorgeous!! i live in leeds, you take what you can get here ;-)

murbeck said...

LMAO!!!!! As if the wording weren't hilarious enough you went and found the most hysterical photos available!!! I'm busting a gut over here, you silly banana!