Friday, 15 February 2008

Today's mission -to turn this:

into anything other! Nasty thing, very very old (cobwebs in one drawer, household slut that I am) ...but now look at it, I love it! I spotted the beautiful papers a while ago & couldn't resist, even though I very rarely do any paper crafts now. But how perfect are they together! The deepest pink also shimmers, not a naff glitter but a subtle shimmer - I like, a lot.

So thats today's mission.

Am in oodles of pain, spent yesterday in bed, damned endometriosis, bit better today (as in I am upright), but will be very glad when its eased off.

Also have the crafty fidgets, too many projects started - time to get some of them finished off.

I need to make a couple more of these little meeeeeces

for my etsy shop - which I want to get opened this weekend... then again I have been saying that since Christmas....

Loads more bits to get finished, & a skirt to make for a mouse. Not everyday you get to say that.

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