Sunday, 10 February 2008

the heaven that is half term

Something very special about a Sunday afternoon when your mind IS NOT on work the next day! I still got up at the same time this morning, but it's great not to have to head down to the bus stop in the fog...

The weekend was pretty productive - I stripped, sanded & repainted an old oak dresser that I bought from ebay last summer, it was in a pretty grim state & the natural wood was too dark for my tiny living room.

New ceramic handles courtesy of Monsoon's 70% off sale last year! Am really pleased with it, still needs a bit of work, but it's a million times better than it was. Before (waves at random spot on screen, because the photo insert thingy on here plonks pics in odd places)

and after:

Meeting demon daughter later for toasted tea cakes in Marks cafe (oh healthy eating, go away), then home to get cracking on 2 swaps for Crafster that I am waaaay behind with - have not been late sending anything out so far, fingers crossed I will catch up today!

Then at some point (ha! when?) I plan to make myself something along the lines of this: which I love - full skirt, not slim, so I can breathe out! And cooking, must do some cooking.... and a day with my mum, & a day at Scarborough...I need a longer holiday!


Busy Mom said...

Hope you feel much better. please come and visit me, I have a surprise for you.

dottyspots said...

You have been busy! The updated furniture looks lovely. I'm trying to work myself up to making a skirt from a pattern with a sewing machine (big step for me), but sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!

I hope you feel better soon!