Sunday, 3 February 2008

I guess it's just one of those days...

... not that anything has gone terribly wrong you understand, it's just one of those down in the dumps days, not helped by my energy having buggered off without so much as a see you later.

Last night I couldn't settle because I couldn't think of anything to knit - how silly is that? I struggle to relax - I always feel I have to have something to show for weekends / evenings, which is ridiculous when work can be (and usually is) so stressful.
Then today I end up with silly amounts of things I want to do: this will take me out of my comfort zone knitting-wise, much more complex than anything I have tried so far (points up to the left hoping thats where the pics going to appear), in black with Rowan Tapestry in dark greys for the bands, with black ribbons laced through.

I have a Crafster swap finished (ok, almost - i have the fasteners to put on the bag) - it was a skull theme - felt keyring, knitted jumper keyring, a little purse (not shown because its tooooo simple for words), a felted wristband - I like how they turned out, a fair bit of time spent hand sewing everything eased my stressed mind!
Time to go and do something constructive...

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