Monday, 28 January 2008

oh monday, i dont love you very much

Hard day at work, the kids were very difficult & most of the day seemed to be spent, yet again, outside Time Out. Then the bus didn't come. So by the time I got home I was very cold, very tired & aching - my heart tablets are making my legs hurt - yes yes yes, I am indeed feeling sorry for myself!

It's a night of knitting ahead, am more than half way through this, in black of course (from Fitted Knits) - currently using up some ridiculously cheap wool with silvery specks in, & it looks surprisingly good! It's the first time I have stuck with a top-down raglan stylie, & so far so good (if I never ever mention it again, it means it went terribly wrong).
Sewing, must do some sewing - my head is full of ideas, it's just finding the energy to set them free! My sleep's been dreadful lately, maybe a good night's kip tonight will give me enough nergy to get some more etsy bits finished this space

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Busy Mom said...

I am sorry to hear about yr heart problems. Offff, I hate when dear people are not well. And, same time, personally i don't think it's advisable for you to work with this type of kids. Well, it's my opinion only.