Sunday, 27 January 2008

The next mission is knitting this....

I just won this on ebay (eyes left) - Debbie Bliss cotton /angora - & when it arrives I am planning to start knitting this (eyes right) : Bella Paquita (Sexy Knitting Clkub knitalong)

A bit ambitious - ok, a lot ambitious - for me, but the wool looks lovely, I might just wear rich purple (I usually wear black, with black), & my knitting is improving all the time.

Very very windy here still, the washing line fell down earlier complete with white bedding, bringing down the hanging baskets & a large amount of compost - lovely mix. Compared with many this weekend I suspect I have got off lightly. Grammatically incorrect. Bovvered?

Work tomorrow, oh joy of joys. I love it, really I do, but it is soooo exhausting - either it is work or I am just getting old! Swimming cossie will be in bag just in case theres no staff meeting & I can squeeze in a quick swim, am aiming at 50+ lengths a week, seriously need to shift some lard.

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