Saturday, 26 January 2008

craftylady, its all your fault!

After a certain someone told me ' It's a good job you dont have your own blog where we can add replies' - I remembered that I DO have said blog - and that it was time I actually started to use it.
So from now on (a sort of late New Year's Revolution) I am going to try to add something to it it, at least once a week. Not that i think that anyone will read it, but to let some of the sludge & insanity from the day ooze its way out of my poor little head.

So without more ado - I am now going to go into town ;-)

(it's payday, the sales are drawing to an end & I need food)
(ok, ok, so strictly speaking I got paid yesterday & already attacked the sales, 3 Laura Ashley black tops, shoes from Clarks, a book stash from Borders & a load of makeup from Dior, but a girl has to do...)

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Busy Mom said...

my fault?! nehhhhh. It's your fault I got the Guinea pig. Actually, after I read: "they don't smell but hamsters do" I decided on the Guinea pig as a pet.