Monday, 19 November 2012

Of mice and body parts.

This has been sitting on some blocking. I know not why. But it made me smile everytime I looked at it.

This has been sitting on the windowsill - yet still I rather like the headless one.

Better photos to come asap. When did it start getting dark at 2pm??? 4 or 5pm yes, perfectly fine, but 2? What's that all about! And it's cold, wet, grey and generally yuk, real November weather. November should be banned (except for any of my friends who have birthdays in November, in which case it is a jolly fine month indeed).

The said blocking - a jumper I started knitting a few days ago from this rather lovely book - it seems to have slipped beneath the Ravelry radar for some reason, yet I really like it - for once I want to knit about 80% of the things in it rather than one or two.

There is a dodgy looking chunky dress, but apart from that pretty much everything else looks wearabubble. Plus they are seamed which I prefer, knitting round and round and round and round is boring and hurts my wrists. Seaming is fun, knitting things in sections is fun. Some of the patterns here:

The one I am knitting is the third along in the grey section. It screams out to be made in a soft, lovely wool but tough, I am knitting it with Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed, which (going by comments on Rav) seems to be a love it or hate it wool. I love it, I love the tweedy rustic look and feel of it.
It won't look all flattering and stroke-abubble as the photo but I think (hope) it will make a warm, cosy jumper for at home. Mine is shorter, jumper rather than dress length. There are a few mistakes in the pattern so far (how? How do books get published with more than one error?) but it is a fast easy knit.

I love the jacket (5th along in the greys).

Sleevies blocking overnight.
See that pin box, the pretty one?
Do NOT pick it up when it is upside down. Thassall.
I spotted a dropped stitch when I was several inches into knitting, hence the pin - I tried picking it up with a crochet hook (the stitch, not the pin, Picking up the pin is easy) but it looked messy, so will catch it in when I start seaming. Rustic. Very rustic.

I need to get back to Christmas and swap making / knitting . sewing etc, but definitely needed to have a cardi or jumper on the go again. Knitting little things is great fun but not as rewarding as summat to wear.

That's all for now, will leave you with a picture of the body parts which are now felted and drying. Hopefully I will have a pattern ready by the end of this week.

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