Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Bloomin' weather, that is. And most of my knitting (I have a thing about shades of grey at the moment - NOT the crappy book I hasten to add).

Today has been a rubbish day, worst RA pain I have had for while so this will be a short post, as typing hurts. So does knitting which is a swine. My neck, shoulders, hands and right knee are pretty dreadful at the moment, hasn't really eased all day.

The gloomy dark days don't help either, and it seems to have drizzled constantly. What happened to those crisp, crunchy and colourful Autumns?

I suspect PSidney feels the same. Keep him warm, feed him lettuce, give him loads of cuddles - and ignore the grey days.

There was a minor moment of tragedy and chaos in the kitchen recently - a full bag, opened, fell out of the cupboard. I knew it would happen but shoved it in and squidged the door shut anyway, so it serves me right.
But what a mess - it looked like a mad game of pick up sticks:

Every time I tried to brush any up they stood on end, snapped and BOOOIIIINGED across the floor. It was so silly I just sat and laughed.
Yesterday I dropped a glass full of Diet Coke, all over wool (including white), paper, tablets (thankfully sealed), etc etc etc. Thankfully it avoided the camera and phones.

I have also dropped a pan of vegetable oil over myself (thankfully cold), dropped and smashed a pyrex dish, dropped PSidney's food, and a bag of opened bird seed. Plus others. RA doesn't just hurt, it obviously makes your wrists weak! Pah.

Most days I feel like this:

Whatever it may be.

Before I go (I think food is needed), how fab does the ever wonderful Cyndi Lauper look??



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Stickmamma said...

Lucky PSidney. Keep warm together. The rest will be OK anyway

Roobeedoo said...

We had a similar incident this morning involving a giant packet of cornflakes which made it to the table the wrong way up, but of course collapsed when lifted to pour... which wouldn't have been half as funny if my husband had actually remembered to put a bowl on the table first! We will be crunching underfoot for days to come ;)
Sometimes all you CAN do is laugh.
Be well!