Saturday, 21 July 2012

Found one!

Camera that is. Nopthing flash (and by hell I am missing my broken one) but it's better than nothing.

So brace yourself - garden piccies galore!

Vegetables? A total and utter soggy, drownded, rank looking disaster - what the rain didn't destroy the giant mutant slugs relished.

Tis upsetting really but sod all I can do about it.
The sole survivor of the peas and beans:

Poor things!
The cabbages, rosemary and mint are the only things that have flourished. Thankfully PSidney likes baby cabbage.
Self sufficient I am most definitely NOT.
Some of the plants and flowers have loved the weather - not all, and of course some were minched by the red beetles. But in general most of the flowers looks pretty still.
I need to get back out with the greenfly spray, and there seem to be quite a lot of tiny black flies around (no doubt attracted by the standing water in a couple of the pots, so have emptied those as best I can).
These have been fabulous, reds, all shades of pinks and white. They have flowered constantly, I deadhead then every few days but they have kept the garden looking colourful over the last couple of months.
Look at the colours in that! Gorgeous.
It is a lovely day here, sunny and dry - two loads of washing have dried on the lines so that's good. Cannot beat air dried washing - bedding tomorrow, and hopefully get the covers off the settee over the week and get those out to dry.
I have done a bit of knitting but it's on a back burner at the mo - I am so so tired.
Very easy, very simple, acrylic - and I really like it! More details to come, tis a Chrimbo gift to out away when finished. And probably lose.
I have also been sewing away on things for a certain upcoming mini fibre festival - plenty of sheepies like the ones I made for KnitCampSh1tCamp. They were extremely popular, and having found some lovely 100% wool felt I am really rather pleased with the slight changes I have made which I think have improved them.

And the crows of the steampunk variety are also coming along but again on a bit of a backburner until I perk up a bit.
I gave up and went to bed last night at 6pm - yes, 6pm, then slept until 5am then again until 9am. Have also had a few hours kip this afternoon and can hardly keep my eyes open - hence being outside for an hour or so to try and wake up a bit and get some vitamin D.
This is real ME territory - cannot stay awake yet don't feel any better for it.

I have my paperwork through to sort an appointment with the cardiology team for more tests on my angina, that was extremely speedy as I only mentioned it to the Dr on Monday. Wish I had kept a copy of my ecg just out of interest.

Not a lot else to report really, just how lovely it is to have some sunshine.

Hope all are well.

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