Sunday, 6 February 2011

mumble grumble

ok ok, so I am late posting yet again.

Now, where was I?
Ah yes. The next installment of My Social Life. Erm, I don't have much of one so I tend to make the most of what I have. And if that involves meeting up with a fellow Raveler who makes me laugh for 6 hours and forces - yes FORCES wine down my neck then who am I to complain ;-)

As you can see I took friends with me, Daphne never likes to miss out on any chance of a party and the 'other', well, would have been rude not to include ;-)

Buckets of wine were consumed. Laughter was had. Talk, much much talk was indulged in.
It began to take it's toll on a certain young lady (and I use the term very loosely indeed).

Shoes were compared.
Texts were sent.
Behaviour worsened.
And a damned good time was had.

Daffers gave up, lightweight that she is.

I suppose an ice bucket is a pretty good bed for a penguin ...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself - and amazingly, despite the dire warning of family ('You are ill! You will really suffer tomorrow!') I felt great the next day! As my mum said that was probably due to the amount of alcohol still coursing through my veins. I prefer to think it was helped by the boost of having a friend to chat to and laugh with.

Going shopping in Marks&Spencer food hall at the station before getting in a taxi wasn't the most sensible thing ever in my somewhat inebriated state and the choice of food was - erm - 'novel'. But yes, I had a fabulous time - thanks Trickles x

More to come, not socialising but muttering ...


The Foggy Knitter said...

Wow Daffers looks cosy in that ice bucket, her perfect home, near the wine!

pip said...

sounds like you had a great time! Here's to meeting up with ravelry friends :)

Rebecca said...

i am sooooooooo glad to hear that!!!!
how are you feeling now?