Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wine. Mostly.

For someone with absolutely no social life, who never goes out and who rarely drinks (contrary to popular belief) I seem to have done a fair bit of all three this week!

On Sunday afternoon I went to see Black Swan with my daughter, thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a very long time since I have been in a completely chockablock cinema, with folk wandering up and down trying to find seats to find seats together.
I loved it. A bit too much lady luvvin and, ahem, self luvvin and not enough dance in my ever so 'umble opinion but a brilliant film. I struggled through the trailers with massive sensory overload (thank you ME) but was so absorbed by the sheer beauty of the film that I more than coped. The woman next to my daughter jumped and yelped every time there was a violent bit - and there were plenty (nail files in face anyone?) - and Winona Rider playing an aging star? Eh? Is she really 'aging'?
Obviously like many knitters who see it I LOVED 'The Scarf' of twinkly bits - I don't usually get distracted by knits on screen but I did like this.

In pinks. Or blacks.

Yes, a damned good film - I want to see the King's Speech next, but by hell it's an expensive business going to the cinema!

Daphne now wants to be a ballerina and is gutted that my ballet shoes are slightly too big for her. She has demanded a tutu.
Kids eh.

Then we nipped over to the Nation of Shopkeepers for a light tea - very much a reminder of my misspent yoof, dark, noisy, slightly alternative music, relaxed and familiar feeling.
Plus the food was good - as I can't eat gluten or dairy I was chuffed to bits to have a choice, and ended up with chips and halloumi with mushrooms which was perfic.
Daphne enjoyed herself too ...

A bit too much ...

More to come ....


Rebecca said...

so glad you're getting out and enjoying yourself some
missing you
big hugs

Anonymous said...

Haha I love the penguin in the glasses! Glad to see other people doing funny things with amigurumi.