Sunday, 23 January 2011

Long time no see.

Not 100% sure I am alive alive o, but here I am, in typing if not in body.

So how is everyone? Well I hope. Up to oodles of mischief? Excellent!

Nothing of any interest really to report here - life's a bit of a mish mash really, work issues (as in I now need to sign on as I am out of work because of health issues - and found out via my pay slip a WEEK after my colleagues had been told ... union chap has the bit between his teeth and is after blood) and ongoing health issues seem to have taken their toll lately.

But what the hell, I am sure they will sort themselves out soon - more tests tomorrow so my Dr can refer me to the local ME specialists, not sure they can actually do anything much but tis worth a try, especially as I have had a pretty grim time of it lately.

What else?

Ooooh - new camera!  fancy pants one - and ironically all I seem to have the energy to do is take endless piccies of poor PSidney.
Doubly ironic because they are more out of focus than with my trusty old battered and bruised camera ...

All together now - awwwwwwww.

I love PSidney. He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and his repertoire so far consists of 'feed me', 'I said FEED ME!', eating things, falling asleep on me (that's how exciting I am) and 'FEED MEEEEEEEE!'
I am worried I am turning rapidly into a batty old woman as he has a rather impressive collection of toys now. Sad eh.
Oh, and a tent.
I kid you not!
Sid in a tent - tis a wonderful sight to behold.

I have a new bird table, and some marvellously blurred shots taken through the net curtains.

Mrs Thrush (stop sniggering) - I wondered why there were so few birds on it yet so much being eaten. She is gorgeous - one of the very few times when thrush is welcome ;-)

I also have the important things in life such as pink leather handbags and - er -

leopard print shoesies.
Betcha jealous.
These little lovelies will be going to see Black Swan later this afternoon. Well, when I say 'see' obviously they will be on the floor and won't see a damned thing.

My health wasn't helped when I decided to get new living room furniture and then shift some stuff (by which I mean FURNITURE) oop stairs and bring some other FURNITURE down. Yes I hurt myself. Yes I got a cabinet completely wedged half way down the (narrow, twisty) stairs. Yes I was very very grateful for the downstairs bathroom until my daughter came to unwedge the cabinet. Yes I paid the price for a few days afterwards.

But YES I think it's going to be worth it - loads and loads to do as I am sorting through every single bag and box I own but it's getting there verrrry slowly.
From this:
to this:
Loads to do ....

Blimey this is a long long blog post, sorry!

Stick with it, tis almost done.
I am going to make something along the lines of this
but in lilacs and purples, for the daughter of a very lovely friend.
And knitting, knitting is being done - am determined to finish my Sylvi by the end of the month and line it in cerise. Plus I am half way through knitting a Kim Hargreaves jumper. So yes, knitting, tis being done.

Well done on having survived a marathon post about - well, sweet FA really.
Go put your feet up and have a cuppa.
OOOOOH - keep your eyes peeled my friends, Top Secret Stuff is potentially in the pipeline.

For now let's just say I am NOT a disorganiser. I am not dishonest. I am not sh1te. I DO travel!

Do you?


rebkatz said...

Those shoes!!

Let me say it again: Those shoes!!

The job situation? That sucks. I'm really sorry to hear about it. More time for knitting? I hope all works out. (And those shoes!!)

fifiquilter said...

Bag + shoes :D Like the results of your house dressing and it is so nice to have you back!

sulkycat said...

thank you, what lovely comments! a big whopping MWAH to you both!

Charlotte said...

Lovely shoes and a fab quilt ;-) I like your cabinet as well

Rebecca said...

<3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!!

Me said...

I love your guinea pig! Gosh, I sound 12, but really, I do :) Lots of lovely things here that I look forward to hearing more of! x