Sunday, 19 September 2010

Well ...

it's been an interesting couple of days here in tinternet land.

More and more SCKC revelations seem to be coming out of the woodwork on a daily - hourly - basis. More people are blogging about it. More are revealing the 'organiser's past history.
Sadly the more that is revealed the more unlikely it looks that everyone owed money or goods will get them.

I could of course be all smug and say I told you so to those who say I only went to SCKC determined to have a shit time. Or the same to those who said I was a tewwible meany to complain about The Class of Shite. The truth hurts sometimes. Deal with it.

The new SCKC motto?

There hasn't been anything particularly surprising revealed and I think that's one of the saddest parts about the whole affair - that there are so many levels, so many layers of appalling behaviour and financial misdoings that many have reached the 'oh, I am not surprised to hear THAT' state. Myself included.

What has irritated me recently has been the hypocrisy of some.
From being very rude and patronising to those who voiced their concerns BEFORE SCKC, and repeatedly posting how wonderful the 'organiser' was and how they would have a fab week and couldn't wait for the next ones and how RUDE and negative others were being - to being the most sycophantic, 'oh I didn't know anything about the background, isn't it all tewwible' anti the 'organiser' around.

Obviously a lot of people have found out 'the truth' after the event. But it bugs me when anyone who was openly rude and patronising to those who said it had potential to be a craptastic week then does a massive about face and seems to have forgotten every word.

Which brings us to the whole Schadenfreude aspect. Yes there were unbdoubtedly some who were lapping it up, enjoying every minute of gossip and scandal - and I assume some still are. 'Tis human nature - car crash mentality. I personally find some of the comments uncomfortable reading - but surely that's the point? It isn't pretty viewing - but by hell it's essential that everyone knows what's going on.A lot of people have adopted the 'it's OK, others are owed more than me'. This happened a while ago and the majority ended up out of pocket. Small amounts add up very quickly.

It's possibly a cultural thing - don't make a fuss because people will stare, say sorry when someone bumps into YOU etc - I said similar the other week. But far too many get away with far too much in the name of politeness.
If someone is secretly getting a bit of a kick from what they post then so what, get your rocks off m'dears, if it helps others get their money back that's fine by me. Not that my opinion matters ;-)

What? It does? In that it obviously hit a nerve with the Karmic Klaptrap the other day. Silly sausage. THIS  might just be your karma now .... oh yes, the Hoover Cover of Dooooooooooooommmmmmm is coming to get you.

Just don't get me started on the Pope ...


I am incredibly touched (some have said that for years) by this gift. This as yet unnamed little penguin is Geoffrey's cousin (as you can tell we are a highly intellectual lot in the British Knitters group on Ravelry). She discovered the chocolate within minutes and has not exactly been the best behaved of penguins overnight. But she is incredibly pretty - name suggestions very welcome! (You didn't come here for meaningful literary commentary surely?)

And I will leave you with this:

You will never look at a duck in quite the same way again.


The Foggy Knitter said...

It still looks like a duck to me...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sulky, new fan of yours here. What about naming your new little friend Petunia. BTW I hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Malteseknitter

Paula said...

LOL!!!! I see the "mask" - very funny. Not so funny is the whole knit camp situation, but cudos to you for speaking your mind, more people need to do so to stop these instances happening & people getting away with it.
On another very pleasant note, many, many thanks for the gorgeous knitting bag & sheep - it better in real life :) and many, many thanks for the choccies - boys & hips enjoyed LOL!!

Rebecca said...

pretty pink penguoi

Morgan said...

I rarely comment on blogs but I just had to here because you have SPOILED my duck viewing pleasure for the rest of my life, from now on all I will see are dogs!!!! Very funny indeed, thank you :)

Debra said...

I am offended by the "Aunt Jemima"-type figure you have posted on your blog. The depiction of a Black Mammy with large red lips and holding a bag of flour is a racist portrayal of women, like my grandmother who worked for whites as cook/nanny/housekeeper for very long hours at minimal pay. My grandmother trained as a nurse,but because she lived in the South, was unable to obtain employment in her field. She performed her housekeeping duties with skill and dignity. The Mammy portrayal that you posted is insensitive and cruel.