Wednesday, 15 September 2010

As promised ...

(there, I knew I had forgotten something)
an update on the SCKC farce.
I did hint ages ago at a worst case scenario, and discussed my concerns with several people in more detail. And it appears to be happening TODAY.
Obviously I am not sitting in the 'organiser's pocket at this very minute (good thing too as she is 'too ill' to deal with any problems - although well enough to be deleting her profile information and photo from Ravelry yesterday and the day before ....) so all the information I have is going to be prefaced with the magical 'allegedly' word. And carefully worded.

Read into it what you will - BUT this bit is absolutely vital:

Even if it is a tiny amount, claim it back this minute.

Because after today - allegedly - certain companies will cease to exist and there will be nobody to claim from. Toytown, obviously I am talking about Toytown.
It appears that Mr Organiser has been - allegedly - given the unenviable task of closing down certain fluffy bunny companies. No surprise to anyone who knows what went on in lala land last year. This is not the first time wabbits have suffered. Hopefully it will be the last.

These may appear at some point ....
closely followed by these:

And glasses of chilled wine.
And a holiday.

I don't envy anyone with an illness brought on by stress - how can I? I don't envy any family suffering financial problems. BUT if all of this has been brought on by incompetence, rudeness and an overwhelmingly arrogant, I know best attitude - then one's understanding and empathy runs somewhat shallow.


OK, onto other news.

Important things first - I have a new phone and it is PINK. Gloriously, unashamedly PINK. I can't actually use it yet because I am waiting for my PAC code to change providers sometime today, but I can flip it open and play with ring tones to my heart's content.
And take photos.
And add numbers.
And that's as much as I understand on it.
But it's very pretty and PINK.

Health - not great.
Dressing gown day today, and I think I need to ring the Dr again this afternoon and get booked in, I don't think I can carry on like this for another 2 weeks until my hospital appointment. Hey ho.
So I plan on scrubbing some baking trays (cleaned my oven late last night, distraction techniques methinks) and knitting.

Knitting - still plodding on with Delphine and about 4 rows from finishing the back. I also have a couple of shawls I want to cast on today / tomorrow, and have cast on for two pairs of mitts.
Er .... I haven't actually looked at any of my many many half knit items though .... one day.

Might need to go up and have another destashing session, I sold a few bits of nice wool last week and posted them yesterday, but I am sure there's more I can bear to part with to make some room.

Rightyho. This is a slightly dull post, sorry.
But I will leave you with some words of pseudo wisdom - when you Google 'pink rabbit' - just don't expect all the 'rabbits' to be of the fluffy variety .....

** have just been sent this which is rather interesting:
the simplest way to close a company down is to let it go dormant, there’ll be no trading activity and after a three month period (during which period NOTHING happens), when it is clear there are no further creditors, you can apply for it to be struck off the register.  Realistically you’ll need to lawyer / professional company secretary to help you with this

As for a shop selling unicorns and wisps of wondrous magical air allegedly only taking cash and not using the till - oh dearie me.

More fluffy wabbits needed.
More wine.

The most worrying thing - what on earth will we all talk about when this all dies down?
Suggestions on a postcard please ...


Anonymous said...

and some rainbows?

Dianna Rubidge said...

I hope you soon feel much better. Gentle hugs from Canada.

How maddening the whole KC thing has been, and how good of you to keep presenting the facts to all.

Rebecca said...

i really hate that news flash for so many people! i was fortunate enough not to be concerned as all of my classes did manage to go through, even if at a different time. but i think i'm one of the rare few.

Please rest and take care of yourself. You're in my prayers.
Big big hugs!!!!

oh and awesome sauce (hahahagag me with a spoon!) on the pink phone!

AlisonK said...

I know someone who went in the shop last week & bought something (reluctantly, but they had a knitting deadline to meet)and had to pay cash & no till was used. No allegedly about it.

Anonymous said...

If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right....

Seriously, I am taking perverse pleasure in the potential apoplexy of a certain VFK. A gluten-free italian holiday that won't be nearly as enjoyable once the debts incurred for the wee little trip to Scotland are totaled.


Anonymous said...

Were any of the tutors paid? What recourse, if any, do the tutors have if they weren't paid? And were their expenses paid prior to their arrival, or do the tutors have to submit expenses claims? Seems to me this whole sorry mess could dissuade many fine teachers from wanting to teach at such events. A bad state of affairs.

Thank you for your cheery posts, in spite of your health problems.

All good wishes from Cathy

sulkycat said...

of the tutors i know about, one was paid at the time because she insisted on it (and the rudeness she was subjected to is incredible) - the last i heard, other tutors had not been paid

thankfully it hasnt put them off other events, but i suspect people signing up for anything a certain person does again will be - er - well, limited to one shite teacher ;-)

thank you all for the kind words, its very kind

Anonymous said...

We can always chat about how lovely Rome is. I am posting anonymously as I live somewhere considerably colder than Rome and don't need backlash from a knitting tourista

Twelfthknit said...

Hope they get you in the hospital soon as possible. Would a Black Russian help?

Anonymous said...

Check out Lucy Neatby's blog.