Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hello you!

Long time no see - how the dickens are you?

Well, I hope?

Sooooo.... what's new? Nowt much.
I have some rather nice material, all ready to chop into - must must must get some sewing done later today. Plus more brooches - amazingly almost all the sheeeeEEEEpsies have gone to their new homes. Watch this space for penguins too ...

There will be owls (oh, and owl brooches, prototype is almost finished), and Moomins, and more jumping sheep, and Herbie cars. It's all go.

I am quite mellow at the moment - or simply knackered, who knows. Healthwise, hospital appointment has come through (my Dr was not impressed - she requested it within a week, the hospital changed it to within 3 to 4 weeks - er, my Dr was the one who saw me, not the bloody hospital). Anyway, at least something's being done. Most uncomfortable all the time, I permanently feel as though I have just finished an enormous three course meal which makes eating a pretty unpleasant necessity - I eat a very small amount, yet my poor tum is swollen like a drum, Tis not nice.

My mum said - this is my favourite quote in ages - 'what if they have to cut you open and they find that your insides have turned to solid chocolate? There might be a whole Chocolate Orange in there!'

This is why I almost always have my camera with me. I was waiting for the little bumpy bus on Friday, and spotted this little chap having a damned good scoff over the road. I managed to grab a couple  of shots (with camera, nothing more violent) before he scampered off. It made me grin, there was a much bigger squiggle who helped himself constantly from my garden last year. I know they are flying rats really but there's something smile inducing about squiggles, I love them.

I bought myself this on Friday - would have been rude not to. It seems like a very long time since I bought clothes (other than black tee shirts, I have a large amount of assorted black tee shirts), but I couldn't resist this scarf - plus it's pretty huge too. And cheap. And possibly slightly chavtastic but who cares.

Knitting - well, I am still plodding on with Delphine which is the slowest thing I have ever knit - have just decreased for the armholes on the back so that might get finished today. I absolutely love it but it's just soooooo sloooooow. I have two pairs of Christmas mitts lined up next, they should be a bit quicker. Then oh, another 3 cardies lined up too ... I luvs cardies. Luvs 'em.

Well, I am going to have a quick tidy up in here then settle down with the Grand Prix and my knitting. Happy weekend to you!


Knitosaurusrex said...

PURPLE OWLS!!!!!! Can I be cheeky and call dibs on one of the finished products? Love that pattern.

Hope your appointment gets the tummy issues sorted (or at least an answer). Not nice at all to feel that way all of the time.

rebkatz said...

Chocolate oranges! There's this fancy shmancy gelato place near-ish to my office and on one of our ridiculous days without air conditioning in our office I took my laptop and ate a bowl of chocolate orange gelato while working. Um, I hope that your insides AREN'T a chocolate orange, but if they are, I'd be happy to share.

Yay owlies. I've been to the fabric store more times than is reasonable over the past four weeks (twice yesterday) and every time I have to remind myself that I can't justify buying corduroy owl fabric just because it's cute.