Monday, 3 May 2010

It's a shame

how quickly work once again takes over. My weekend plus the Bank Holiday has almost gone, with very little to show for it. I have, however, just applied for one of several jobs I have earmarked, as I seriously think work will finish me off (either mentally, physically or both) if I don't get out very soon.
Let's just say that 'supported return' isn't quite what I expected it would be (and believe me I had no delusions of it being joyous) - increased workload, however, wasn't quite what I had expected! Maybe I was just naive, I don't know.


A Craft a Day for the Month of May
That was my (maybe foolish?) intention. But as always time tends to run away, especially when you plan on doing some carefree craftiness! But I grabbed a few minutes to take some piccies, and I have managed to do more than I had thought. Seeing it as photos is good, it reassures me that at least some of my time each day has been spent on the things that bring me great pleasure.

May 1st

Two bags, fronts and bagsm, ready to line, interface, straps and fastenings and pockets, hopefully finished in time for the next craft fair - I especially like the purple and green one.

May 2nd

I am really pleased with these - these are the first two strips for my quiltalong with jelly rolls / charm packs over on Ravelry. I have talked about quilting, have many (expensive) books, and mountains of material, but have never got any further than making bags. But now I have not one but TWO on the go, and this one is lovely - the colours are fab! I would never ever have picked mint green with a vibrant lime, but because the pinks are the same throughout it works. Those Moda folk know their stuff.
and late last night, with Dog Soldiers in the background I cut out a summer skirt for me:

but I need some black interfacing.

May 3rd (ie today)
Very little - I potted up some plants this morning before it decided to hoy it down, and not much else, my day has gone on work stuff, and trying to get a new job stuff.
But I have squeeeezed in a bit more knitting on the lovely jacket / cardi / hoody -
I love this, it's good soothing knitting, and is growing quickly. I am aiming to finish the left front tonight, and the right front tomorrow night. With a bit of luck and a strong wind behind me I should get at least one sleeve done by the weekend, so should have the whole thing finished by the end of next weekend.
I don't usually do much colour, but I think this should look good with all black.

I still love the wool, sod's law that it's discontinued.
I hope you have had a pleasant bank holiday and didn't get drenched!

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