Friday, 14 May 2010


a post. Work, needless to say, simply got in the way.

I started teaching again on Monday, with the most explosively violent couple of days I have ever known, and I have been teaching PRU kids for quite a while now. The worst day by far - ever in my career - was Wednesday, utterly shocking and upsetting violence on a scale that left quite a few of us shaken. I left the staff meeting early to have a good cry in private, and had a hell of a struggle to get in the next day. But I di, so that's the first week done.

And there is some good quality work in their new books, as a teacher I needed to remind myself of that so spent a long time marking every book and making sure they were all up to date.

But enough of my shitty working life.

Knitting - very very little done this last week, but the second sleeve is almost done, and then it's seaming time tomorrow. I also want to make some pockets to sew on, a jacket - cum - cardi is no good without pockets in my opinion.
Still loving the pattern and the wool.

Not sure what I have lined up next, I might have a change of scene and use some of the Rowan Lenpur Linen I have, or the large amount of bamboo thats lurking upstairs. In black, of course . .. although I also have a cardi's worth of Rowan Cotton Tape, and was eyeing up a young woman's long loose cardi on the bus yesterday, I really liked it.

Sewing has also come to a grinding halt since the weekend - so much for A Craft a Day for the Month of May!

I did manage to get the front of my quilt all joined, so plan on sandwiching the whole thing together tomorrow, ready for the fun bit. I LOVE the colours in this, they make me happy.
I love this quilt: and the sewing shop in town has most of the grey fabric in stock - I am planning on making myself a summer skirt from the grey roses print, not cheap but very striking.

I love this photo.
As probably most of the world knows, our election became increasingly bizarre, and now we have a coalition government with a smarmy smug elitist prat and a self contradicting twit in charge of the country. As Gorgon le Brown has now gone (and his goodbye speeches had to be the most honest, light hearted ones he has ever delivered - and he looked like a man who had just shed 10 years with relief - hopefully Labour will now elect someone with a bit more people-power. It's pretty likely there will be another election in the next year or so, so it will be all change again.
Hey ho.

Much more to come, hopefully tomorrow - I plan on a day at home, sleeping, knitting, sewing, tidying up (a few weeks back at work and my house looks like the IRA have been in. Twice.), and more sleeping.

Happy weekend!


Rebecca said...

what a great balance all that loveliness is to the crazy environment (work and political) you are forced to deal with for now.
you're in my prayers.

sulkycat said...

thank you my friend x

picperfic said...

I love your pink cardi, what pattern is it and what yarn are you using? I can't find it in your rav projects :(

Love your quilt so very much....stunning! You like the same colours as me!