Friday, 21 May 2010


it's been a tough few weeks. I have been ill today and yesterday, had lots of tests at the dr (arranged last week, so the timing was good), pretty grotty. Not stress (I think) but not nice.

Once again the week has just vanished, too tired and fed up when I get home to do much in the way of crafty goodness, and as I have a craft fair next weekend that's a bit of a bugger, am going to have to sew for England over the weekend to make sure I have plenty of stock.

Absolutely GORGEOUS weather, sunny, downright warm this afternoon, and warmer still forecast for the weekend, bliss. I had a pootle about in my teenytiny garden, and am counting it all as part of my Craft a Day for the Month of May:

Bits of all sorts - sugarsnap peas, runner beans, radish, lettuce, spring onions (or opinions as I originally typed), chard, spinach, beetroot. Several of the larger plants will need transplanting when they really start growing (with a bit of luck) but for now they seem perfectly happy. Considering it's a seriously tiny garden with no soil I think it's doing really well.
I also have one of those inceywincey wannabe greenhouses (with plastic covers that rip every time you unzip the front) and it's great! Spring onions, chard, lettuce, beans - all sorts, and plenty more in pots that haven't peeped through yet. I love the smell of it and the humidity when I open it - one day I will have a decent sized garden, and ideally a 'real' grown up greenhouse. And a shed! And a lawn, I really really miss a lawn.

Not the greatest photo in the world - Rowan Cotton Tape, one of the wondrous Kemps bargains, I have had this sitting upstairs for ages (pre Christmas I think), and needed something that would grow quickly - I want a long loose throw-it-on type of cardi, so hopefully this will work ok. It's a new pattern on Ravelry, will add a link tomorrow. It's also a nice break from another cardi I cast on for the other night (I was in serious need of something to calm my tattered nerves after another violent day at work and my laptop wouldn't connect. After a few minutes tutting to myself I used it as an opportunity to actually knit something from a book or magazines instead of downloading yet another patern, and ended up with one I plan on adapting from a Rowan mag - will link this one too.

 It's in a very spiderycobwebby sort of wool - a merino / silk 4ply, and I suspect it's going to take until next summer to finish it.

I also love this cardi - no idea where I saw the link.

I would have to make the cables mirror each other though, but I like it and love the bubblegum pink.

That's it for now - sewing, knitting, sleeping, that's tomorrow's plan. And being very careful about what I eat - dr's advice at the moment is no gluten at all, and ideally no dairy. Poor tum.

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picperfic said...

sounds like you are as busy as I have been with the knitting and gardening. I've just planted up my hanging baskets and put a strawberry plant in each one, oh how I love this weather. I do hope you manage to get enough stock for your craft fair, don't go busting a gut though...x