Friday, 5 September 2008

friday. thank gawd.

i made this a little while ago for a lovely woman on ravelry (you know who you are ;-) ), her beloved cat died very unexpectedly, i nosied at the piccies she has on flickr, and did what i hoped would be a half decent likeness - it was received today, and, without blowing my own trumpet too much, is loved as much as i hoped it would be

i make no claims to being a super artist, i know i am not, and its been a very long time since i sat and did any painting at all, but i enjoyed making this and rather like it (i have another painting, but its for a swap - and with my luck, if i posted it on here, the one and only person to look at this blog in the next few days would be the person the swap is for!)

also had fun turning this...
into this (the camera hasnt picked up the colour very well), sadly i have run out of the blue kool aid, and really need a few more packets to get a more intense colour - its for the druid mitts in vogue, for my daughter (she requested electric blue, who am i to argue...)

its been a very long week, i plan to do nothing more strenuous than watch ncis repeats (ahhh, you silver fox gibbs), and continue knitting the very dull back of the snowdrops cardi

happy weekend people

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Samsara said...

That's a lovely thought and a wonderful picture.